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How To Work From Home With A Baby

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, Sad Desk Salad author Jessica Grose tells us about the travails of freelancing.

The heart break of a home office.

— Jessica Grose (@JessGrose) November 22, 2013

Jessica! I’ve been meaning to ask you about this one for a while. So what happened here?

This was the first time my daughter, who at that point was about 11 months old, realized that when I closed the door to my room I still existed. Or at least that was the first time [...]


Our Next First Lady

I've raised five sons, none of whom have ever brought home a girl named Denise. Call me arrogant, but I'm proud of that.

— Anne Romney (@AnneRomney1) August 29, 2012

So this Twitter account is happening.


Unnaturally Calm Blogger Rages Out

What could make the world's mildest-mannered blogger erupt into shouting and profanity? The answer—the AP story "Rich toddlers draw fashion designers' eyes"—may not surprise you.


The Antidepressant Maraca

Move over, cottage cheese containers, now Mike Doughty has tiny pills to use as percussion. Also he feels better.


True Harrowing Tales of Book Publishing!

This is a really terrific essay by Alex Shakar, who was set up to be the Hot New Un-Sad Literary Young Man ten years ago with his first novel, when Bill Clegg got him $300,000 (or more?) from Robert Jones at HarperCollins. Pub date: September, 2001. Guess what happened! That's right: Jones died and Clegg, soon enough, went MIA in a crackhouse. Oh also some other stuff I guess.

Part of the purpose of a large advance, I understood, was to gain a book publicity. But I told nearly no one. Instead, for weeks, I did math in my head. I subtracted my agency’s cut and divided the [...]


Balls Balls Balls

His name is Ed Balls, and his candidacy for the leadership of Britain's Labour party will actually be an important indicator on which direction that nation's opposition wishes to take after a dispiriting defeat (he is identified with the Gordon Brown wing of the party, while his chief rivals are Tony Blair proteges), but that's not what really matters here: If you think I'm passing up something with the headline "Balls expected to enter fray" you are giving me far too much credit for maturity and taste.


Ivy Shock: Harvard Prof Disdainful of Teabaggers, Terrorists!

Last night had Harvard profs giving 10 minute speeches on "big ideas." And this happened: "Harvard Kennedy School Lecturer Timothy P. McCarthy, who hinted that his days at Harvard might be numbered during his 10-minute presentation, discussed the future of protest-an area in which 'teabaggers and terrorists and other terrible people might have gotten a head start.'" You betcha yer days are numbered, babe, when that Sarah Palin comes on over to Cambridge! Still, we're on his team-he went on to trash Larry Summers, wondering why the guy who presided over Harvard's endowment disaster is helping to fix the federal government's own financial crisis. That is indeed the big [...]


Netflix Destroying American Film Nerd Dreams For $8 A Month

The other S C A N D A L of the week: What Netflix Does catalogues terrible Netflix aspect ratio zooming. Netflix swears that this doesn't happen, except they also swear that they stamp it out whenever they see it occurring, so it does.


Spoiler: It All Ends Up In The Garbage

Here is a cautionary tale about the dreams and adventures of youth!


"When I was a PhD candidate at Oxford and Cambridge at the same time…."

"Room for Debate" is maybe the greatest dumb-hilarious thing to appear on Gawker ever.


Your Life Can Seem Ever More Mundane

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Should You Memoir? "Are You Pat Nixon In China?"

"[T]here are good reasons to embark on a memoir: the world and the self collide in a particular way that only you, or mostly you, can narrate; you would like a preemptive grab at controlling the discourse. For instance: Are you Winston Churchill? Are you Nixon in China? Are you Pat Nixon in China? Did you compose Nixon in China? (Its composer, John Adams, has in fact written an engaging memoir.) Are you connected to a fascinating and underexplored chapter in history in any manner whatever? Are you a professional storyteller with a beautiful prose style and some autobiography begging for reportage? Are you a trenchant thinker with incisive [...]


Old Jews Telling Jokes: Max Rosenthal, Deadpan King


Was This It? A Mixtape

Here is a mixtape about pronouns and antecedents. (Although, oftentimes, it turns out, in the popular music, "it" stands for sexual intercourse and/or genitalia.) The author notes, regarding the music of today: "I'm sorry, you want it what way? What is the this that's not it? Wait, what exactly won't you do?"


"Dad’s company made hamburgers; mine ate them."

"Web start-up companies are like play-companies. They stand in relation to real companies the way those cute little make-believe baking stations stand in relation to kitchens."


Lady in Brooklyn Publishes Book

Guess what arrives in bookstores and Kindles and whatnots near you today? That's right, Amy Sohn's Motherland, a tale of Brooklyn lives gone wrong. We're absolutely certain that you'll enjoy it!


Lady Bombs Audition

Lady comic Halle Kiefer, in the latest episode of "Uncastable." See also: Uncastable: Bobby Finger.


Hollywood as Free Money

“Hollywood is essentially in the business of not making movies,” said Henry Finder, editorial director of The New Yorker. “They only make a movie when they run out of reasons not to make it.” —That's just an A+ quote.


7 Out of 10 Double-Reviewed Books at the 'Times' Are By Men

Anonymous ladies at Slate crunch the number of book reviews by gender at the New York Times over the last two years (throwing their data-gathering "associate editor Chris Wilson" under the bus as they do so-no Times reviews in your future, buddy!). So: "Of the 545 books reviewed between June 29, 2008 and Aug. 27, 2010, 338 were written by men (62 percent of the total) [and] 207 were written by women (38 percent of the total)…. Of the 101 books that received two reviews in that period: 72 were written by men (71 percent)."


The Men's Room: Man v. Tool Academy

This season's winner of Tool Academy, a reality show on VH1 in which awful mostly-male people are tricked into going to couples' therapy in order to make them better mostly-boyfriends, was an aspiring professional wrestler named Jacob, or "J.T. Extreme." In the final episode, we were treated to an apparently sincere ceremony in which Jacob sacrificed, as a sign of his romantic contrition, his leopard-print leotard and banana hammock on a fire, causing an entire nation to mentally smell the worst smell anyone has ever smelled. (I imagined a toaster which has been turned on, smeared with Icy Hot, and stuffed with an large chunk of runny Camembert. What [...]