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The Politics Of The Next Dimension: Do Ghosts Have Civil Rights?

An abridged version of this article first appeared in the October 1984 issue of The Atlantic Monthly as the cover story "The Politics of the Next Dimension: Do Ghosts Have Civil Rights?" It is republished here, in its entirety, for the first time.

For anyone with insomnia in the New York metro area, the ads have become ubiquitous: three middle-aged men dressed in cornflower blue lab coats, holding mysterious technical equipment, and offering the owners of haunted houses (or haunted anything, really) their unique ghost capture and removal services.

I first saw one after falling asleep to the dulcet drawl of Charles Rose on "CBS News Nightwatch." [...]


"Negroni Season": The Fan Fiction

It has been three years and three months since the publication of "Negroni Season," one of four short anonymously published tales in the series "The Worst Boyfriend In The World." For those just tuning in, it was about this guy, and he was the worst boyfriend in the world. Fortunately for her but unfortunately for us, our heroine moved on with her life. But there's always one thing to fill the silence that follows any creative endeavor that ended too soon: fan fiction.

“But it’s only thirteen-thousand dollars,” he said, looking up at me from the sofa. “Thirteen-thousand dollars and we can have our own coconut [...]


America's Most Popular Podcast: What The Internet Did To "Welcome to Night Vale"

"Welcome to Night Vale" is a twice-monthly, 25-ish-minute podcast featuring news, traffic, and weather out of a small town in the Southwestern corner of the United States that does not actually exist. The town’s dog park, which is forbidden, is fictional, as is the mayor, Pamela Winchell, who is probably demonic. The radio show’s host, Cecil Baldwin is real, kind of. One of his most-used words is "void."

Created and written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, out of New York City, "Night Vale" has been running for little more than a year. Fink told me that on the first anniversary of the series, in June, the episodes had [...]