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Territory Ceded

If you want to take a beautiful vacation but definitely don't want to run into billionaire Larry Ellison, maybe try Lanai, the Hawaiian island he recently purchased: Like a lot of omnipotent forces, Ellison has remained mostly invisible. He has visited Lanai many times — locals told me they can tell he’s on the island when they see his yacht hitched in the harbor — but he seems determined to keep a formal distance from the community, shielding himself behind the executive team of Pulama Lanai, the management company he set up to oversee the island’s transformation. Although Pulama holds frequent public meetings on Lanai, Ellison has declined to [...]


Videos from Japan; Hawaii Won't Have a "Major Damaging Event"

Livestream news from Hawaii seem to show non-devastating waves and pullbacks as the tsunami spreads out from its source in Japan, but at "fairly significant numbers," according to the islands' tsunami guy. Japan is still reporting a shockingly low death toll from such a significant event; but that toll is expected to rise. In Hawaii, people seem nervous but assured: "I've cut my feet on this reef a few times but nothing like this," said the KHNL newscaster a few minutes ago, looking at the exposed Diamondhead reef, which is now getting some water again. So far they've seen surge of about six feet; it's now expected [...]


Erykah Badu, "Strawberry Incense"

This is a new Erykah Badu song. Produced by underground hip-hop hero Madlib, it sounds like something that could either be the first song or the last song on her new album, New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh), set to arrive in two weeks. The picture is the cover. Which is awesome and makes me wonder what Erykah Badu thinks of Avatar? Here are some other pictures, of her surfing last month in Hawaii.


Fake Hawaii: Your American Jungle

Remember when Alec Baldwin quit public life? While others were dissecting the tone and psyche behind his alleged farewell, I got hung up in the piece’s intro, where he talked about phoning a gay-rights group in Hawaii and learning about their torment at growing up in "traditional Hawaiian families"—"Macho fathers. Religious mothers." Others wouldn't have stumbled there, but I was born and raised in Hawaii, and this is the kind of stuff that I notice.

Not to single out Alec, because nearly everyone makes this mistake, but a Hawaiian is a native Hawaiian, a descendant of the Polynesian people who first inhabited the Pacific island chain; generalizing all [...]


College Prof Walks After Ridiculous Parent Complains About Profanity

Meet Daniel Petersen, philosophy professor at Hawaii's Community College and the University of Hawaii at Hilo. He just quit his job, because of what ensued when the parent of a student wrote a letter to the school complaining because he said "shit" in class. Can you imagine? An adult saying "shit" to other adults? BURN DOWN THE COLLEGES.


Rainbow Bridge, "Big Wave Rider"

Here's the new thing from True Panther Sounds, the San Francisco label that brought us one of last year's fun new things, Girls, and their terrific album Album. The newer new thing is Rainbow Bridge, a "multi generational A B Original duo."


State Happy

What is the happiest state? I used to think it was "grace," but I gradually began to realize it was "shock," because at least then you're not really reacting to anything either way. But it turns out that it's actually Hawaii. Which makes sense, I guess. I mean, everybody loves Hawaii.


Hawaii Now Free To Ignore Birther Wingnuts

"State officials have said they receive roughly 50 requests per month for the president's birth certificate, often from the same small group of people, and that processing the requests takes considerable time." -The BBC, on Hawaii's new law, signed by the governor yesterday, allowing officials to ignore repeat requests from loons for President Obama's birth certificate.


New Video: Raekwon's "Walk With Me"

Crappy and rainy today in New York. Which, considering the date, is probably preferable. But if you want to escape from the weather and all the memories and all that, jet to Honolulu with Raekwon the Chef's new "Walk Wit Me" video. It's so very excellent.