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What We're Saying When We Say We Hate Facebook

"When people say, 'I hate Facebook,' what I think they’re really saying is, 'I wish my real friends would post more stuff so my feed wasn’t full of randos.'"


Hate Vs. Hate

I have long thought that a Patriots-Cowboys Super Bowl would be the ultimate competition in which you wished both sides could lose, but apparently I was not being imaginative enough.


Dave Eggers, Wyndham Lewis and Hate

Wyndham Lewis was the coming man in 1913. Rich parents, Rugby, Slade School, knocked around Paris, talented writer and painter, good-lookin', etc.

Already he'd been published by Ford Madox Ford in The English Review and shown paintings with Jack the Ripper obsessive Walter Sickert. He also had three paintings in the second Post-Impressionist exhibition with Roger Fry and Clive Bell, members of the Bloomsbury Group. Almost all of those Bloomsbury guys were very what we used to call "fabulous," by which I mean arch, conceited, clever, stylish, discontented and self-regarding (21st-century virtues all).


"Gravity" Is A Transcendent Piece Of Crap

A couple of years ago, when a terrible break-up left me desperate to fill up all of my newfound free time with social interaction, I went over to a friend's house and watched him play Grand Theft Auto. After I saw him drive through a bunch of beautifully-designed streets, rob some girls with digits-in-all-the-right-places, and shoot a rocket launcher at a fleet of cop cars, I went home. I learned a valuable lesson that mind-numbing night: No matter how perfectly-orchestrated the sound, no matter how artistically-chiseled the graphics, no matter how hair-trigger the gameplay, watching someone else play a video game is boring.

That is exactly what watching Alfonso [...]


20 People to Follow on Twitter: @Undrminr

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Hey! I love our cool futurismo world! I read your brill essay on the Death of Journalism for free on Huffpo on my ifone lunching at PastisThu Feb 17 16:53:12 via webTheUnderminerUndrminr

It's maybe weird that I unfollowed all the actual real-life underminers on Twitter but follow this one, right? (Previously.)


Hate Maps

Here's a funny way to keep track of who's racist against whom and how in Europe.


PSA: These (*&$%) Autoplay Ads

Hi! We are still trying to kill the very few ads being served here that have auto-audio play. I HATE THEM. I know you do too! They are sneaky. And hard to track down in the ad interface. Please hold, our lord and master David Cho is on it. (Also? If you get one, please send in the URL.) KTHX SORRY.