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Remembering Harry Crews

In his fiction and in his life, Harry Crews empathized most with the people who needed it most: the freaks, the fuck-ups, people who’d been broken by loss of one kind or another. Crews died on Wednesday, at age 76. As his son Byron told The Daily’s Claire Howorth, “[he] put more miles on the Chevy than most of us.”

Crews lost his father, a man he didn't remember, to a heart attack at the age of two. "It wasn't unusual for him to fall in the field," Crews wrote in A Childhood, to lie incapacitated on the ground for an hour or so, and then slowly pull himself [...]


Harry Crews Is On Your Horizon

Are we going to get some new things to read from dynamite author Harry Crews? Signs point to yes! [Via]


Happy Birthday Harry Crews

Mr. Harold Eugene Crews turns 76 today. I am partial to The Knockout Artist for fiction and A Childhood: The Biography of a Place for nonfiction, but, really, start anywhere. And Harry, if you're up for it, we wouldn't mind something new.