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Long Live The Working-Class Hunk

Look at Jeremy Renner, star of Bourne Legacy, and you'll see something familiar: a certain set to the jaw, a coiled muscle build, a face that looks, quite frankly, like it's been busted. You look at his body—the thick forearms, the barrel chest—and sense it was not made in the gym. It is a body that has labored, inflected with what Vulture's "Star Market" column calls "real, swaggering, gritty machismo." At 5'9", right about 150 pounds, and with the skin of a smoker, he could be your cousin.

I look around my hometown in northern Idaho, a burnt-out crater of a timber town, and I see men with [...]


Men Old

Both Roger McGuinn and Harrison Ford turn 70 today. I think, on balance, we'll score this one for McGuinn.


Don't Do This, Harrison Ford

Film newsy site Twitchfilm reports that Harrison Ford is "in early talks" for Ridley Scott's Blade Runner sequel. You might remember Blade Runner as the stunning poetic meditation on the ultimate impermanence of existence. It is a film that says "we cannot possibly know how things will turn out." Except now we will.

A reboot or prequel might have felt ill-advised, but a sequel with Ford ostensibly reprising his role as Rick Deckard is a move that feels almost inevitably disappointing and terrible. Like there are maybe a few ways that can be done right, and so very many that will inflict pain on us all. OR [...]