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The Hair of War

Have you seen the trailer for Fury? David Ayer, the guy who wrote Training Day and directed the unexpectedly fun End of Watch, about handsome police, has made a World War II movie. It's both intense and without context: It is not a movie of the moment, or some sort of long-awaited reassessment. It's just here.

It will probably be, to some extent, a buddy movie; every Ayers film is. The director/writer also told People that he wanted Fury "the ultimate tank movie", so I guess we'll find out what that means. In the meantime, let's focus on the one thing we know for sure about Fury: [...]


Early 1990s Revival Continues With Reappearance Of Scud Missiles

The 1990s came back last night during the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert, and everybody was so happy to hear about "grunge" again. What else is from the 1990s? How about the 1991 Gulf War? It seemed stupid at the time, but in retrospect it was kind of nice to have a very short American war in the Middle East, and also to win that war. Now a living memory (in the form of an inanimate piece of weaponry) is back in the news, bombing people in Syria. It's hard not to wonder if the return of the Scud missile will also mark the return of the [...]