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Haim, "If I Could Change Your Mind"

I go back and forth on Haim. Sometimes I'm all, "This is exactly the kind of low-investment sonic palate I need to color my world right now," but other times I'm more like, "Oh, come on, be less obvious." That actually makes it seem as if I don't really appreciate Haim at all, which could not be further from the truth: In this age of constant distraction and inescapable demands made on your attention by everything around you there is an almost spiritual hunger for something that you can simply appreciate for what it is, and there is no band right now which fits that particular bill like Haim. [...]


HAIM, "The Wire"

The band HAIM is a new one to me, but that is a category that increases with each passing day. At this point I feel a certain amount of satisfaction if I can at least claim to have seen the name somewhere before; knowing anything about the music is an almost impossible dream. I can only imagine that I am but a few years away from expressing confusion over entire genres. What joys await! Anyway, this one: I was not particularly into it at the outset and stayed solely for the actual video part, because there is nothing so enjoyable as watching men cry, if only because I find [...]