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Summer in Siberia

One thing they never get right in the movies is that right before the Bad Thing happens, when it's clear that something is starting to go wrong, real people usually just laugh. Nervous chuckles and low speech, then screams, as the sky begins to fall. Unless you're in Siberia! In which case the laughing never quite stops. [Via]


What Hail Is Like

Sure, there's plenty of destruction in this video of a Georgia hail storm, but it's also somehow very soothing. But that may just be me; I'm in sort of a mood.


Freak Storm Attacks New York (Again), Now With Extra Hail

This picture, by Reid Epstein of Newsday, is of hail. Tom Keaney agrees! Yup that is icy, icy hail. It appears to be strongest (and hippest) in Brooklyn. Hug your cats, this is the end times!