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Someday A Jury Will Read Your Stupid Emails And You Will Feel Shame

In case you needed yet one more reminder, and you do, as any lawyer can tell you, just don't ever put things in email. Yes, we all hate the phone. Yes, it's truly horrible. But do yourself a favor. Save the juicy business for IRL. And also then when you do have a dishy phone conversation—in this case, with Tony Blair—don't then summarize it in… an email. This PSA comes to you from the unlikely source of one James Murdoch. If you're still somehow following the News of the World hacking trials and tribulations, which have been going on for what seems like several lifetimes, you can stop [...]


Who Will Rupert Murdoch Destroy Today? (Himself?)

The Internet will explode quite soon, as Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks all go before a Parliament committee's inquiry this morning, circa 9:30 a.m. east coast time. It's a hearing almost two years in the making! ("So, yeah, this is gonna be a pretty big story," we wrote in July of 2009!) That being said, the committee is not as toothsome as an American congressional hearing would be, which isn't even all that toothsome anyway. Still, people expect Murdoch to come in hot, throwing anyone to the wolves that he can. Perhaps he might resign as CEO! Meanwhile, while we wait, let's look at some [...]


Burger King Twitter Outrage Caps 60 Years Of Awful Burger King Commercials

As you may have seen on Twitter yesterday, Burger King was either sold to McDonald's or taken over by crazy people. Both would be an improvement, as Burger King has a reputation as "the fast food that even fast-food lovers don't like at all." There has always been something off about this hamburger franchise business, especially the marketing. That's why cynical people looked at the supposed hacking of @BurgerKing and figured it was just another desperate try to get anyone to care about the perennial No. 2 hamburger brand.


The Fake Email Hacking Alarm System!

"For my email I built in a canary: a tempting looking email that's sitting in my inbox that's entirely fake and designed to tempt an attacker into clicking on it," writes John Graham-Cumming. "That starred email from 'Barclays Private Banking' is entirely fake. And in clicking on it you've activated the canary. The company logo at the bottom is being loaded externally from a private server that I own. On that server a script logs the complete information about the machine that loaded the picture and sends a text message to my phone." Who wouldn't pay $10 a month for this? And there's lots of ways to [...]


Hacks Hacked? News Corp Email Dump Promised for Tomorrow

See you tomorrow, apparently, giant trove of News Corp emails (or at least emails from their newspaper publishing division, News International) obtained by LulzSec by means not dissimilar to how News of the World (and others?) obtained information for their reporting. Maybe we will get a nice view of just how frequently (legal disclaimer: IF AT ALL) James Murdoch lied before Parliament today?


The Gmail Hack Mini-Epidemic!

Have you or your friends had your Gmail accounts hacked for the purposes of shilling Viagra? The good news is that you're not alone. The slightly troubling news is that this mini-epidemic has been ensuing for quite a while in Internet time, and there doesn't really seem to be much news on what, exactly, is going on!

Google's official support forum has a lengthy thread on the hacks, started by someone who felt the pain on April 10:

Checking further I could see someone logged in to my account from Mobile device from brazil and I never use mobile device. Am from India only. Anyway changed [...]