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Why Your Heart Is As Heavy As Your Ass

"Feeling weighed down by guilt is more than just a metaphor, according to scientists who have discovered the emotion can produce a bodily sensation. Researchers from Canada and the U.S. discovered that people feel heavier in weight after doing something that made them feel guilty as well as a recalling a memory of when they felt guilty. The scientists believe that while the research is in its infancy, simulating the experience of the weight of guilt, seems to be tied to regulating moral behaviour."


Springtime For Jami Attenberg And Germany

"I did not learn to cook, either. Instead I have become a superior dinner guest. I am wonderful to have at your side while you cook, particularly if you give me a glass of wine, and also to have sit at your table, because I will appreciate your food in a deep, emotional and highly verbal way." —Awl pal Jami Attenberg reminds us that the key ingredient in chicken noodle soup is "guilt." In other news, her wonderful novel The Middlesteins has been picked up by German publishing company Schoffling & Co. It's fun to imagine the conversations at the office about how to handle the retitling of [...]