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You're Welcome, Benoit Denizet-Lewis

Journalist Benoit Denizet-Lewis writes today about, well, the opposite of growing up gay in isolation? He has a Twinkie Defense, essentially, about growing up around too many gays: "Growing up a few minutes from the Castro didn’t make me gay—if anything, it made me less likely to see myself that way. I couldn’t relate to AIDS or leather chaps, both of which seemed to be afflicting many of the gay men I saw on the corner of Castro and Market, where, in middle school, I had to transfer buses on my way home from school."

Yeah. So… it's too hot out for me to flip out over this [...]


Obama's Not Going To Like This New Orleans Story Much Either

It's not on front pages in New York City-here we get a story about how Chuck Schumer has stuffed Kirsten Gillibrand under his big meaty turkey wings, and why wouldn't he?-but in the National edition of the New York Times, there's a front-page headline that stopped me in my morning routine. "Ready or Not, Katrina Victims Are Losing Temporary Housing." Here, maybe you should try a little bit of this instead of coffee.


Los Angeles Rag Afraid of that Coarse Mexican Language

Oh, Mexico! It's "a land so rich in slang and wordplay (much of it salty but freely used) that a newcomer armed with book-learned Spanish might feel he had studied for the wrong test." HAHA RIGHT? UNLIKE FRANCE OR RUSSIA OR CHINA. (Whoops, sorry.) Anyway! Thus begins what is a phenomenally dim little piece in the Los Angeles Times this week. Salty! Freely used! Unlike in New York City or London, where in our fine English language we never speak in slang. (What would that trashy Charles Dickens make of this? Hell, what would Evelyn Waugh say?) Here's the deal: nearly all other Spanish-speaking people hate both Mexican [...]


"Beaner Hopping" Murder Trial Unable to Find Jurors

A Long Island courtroom is having trouble putting together a jury because the trial is of a white man who, along with his friends, spent his free time beating brown people, sometimes to death. So far, reports the Times, a substantial number of potential jurors have recused themselves from serving on the trial of said white man who, in this case, killed a guy who worked at a dry cleaners, saying that they are either related to Mexicans or because they despise illegal immigrants. But they'll get there eventually, once they find people who have no opinion whatsoever on the irrelevant matter of immigration or, I guess, just [...]