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How To Not Barf

The norovirus and various other lesser but still debilitating stomach-oriented bugs are making the spring rounds—"Rhode Island Wedding Results in 74 Norovirus Victims"!—including possibly around the edges of our office. I recently missed four days of work—really my first stretch of sick time in five years. I did, basically, think that I was going to die. There were some dark nights of solemn contemplation of life, and if it was worth living. I also got a great head start on my swimsuit season weight loss, so boo-yah! Also I can eat again now.

And I did it all without barfing. I have only barfed twice in the last 25 [...]


Grossness Decried

"Howard Hughes Corporation’s plan to build a 50-story apartment and hotel tower on the South Street Seaport waterfront was met with boos, hisses — and one resounding shout of 'It’s gross!' — as the company presented its Seaport redevelopment proposal to a packed Community Board 1 meeting Tuesday evening."


Why Did Web Gross-Out Culture Die?

2 Girls 1 Cup took the web by storm—back in summer of 2007. Goatse—the infamous picture that first gaped at us in 1999!—has been popular and not popular in waves over the years since, but the last few years? Not so much. Whatever happened to Tubgirl and Eel Girl? (If you have never seen these things, worry not!) There was also, a few years back, some website that was supposed to be the future of the Internet, devoted to tabloid play of death and destruction video. Now I can't even remember what it's called and can't even Google it up.

The infamous grossout site Ogrish resolves now to the [...]


Your Desk May Be The Reason That You Eat Like The Disgusting Animal You Are

"According to a University of Minnesota study published in Psychological Science, clean desks do tend to influence us to make healthier food choices than we would if we were surrounded by unorganized piles of papers and files, with pens and paperclips and the sort scattered about. A clean environment also makes some of us more generous and less likely to commit crimes — even litter!"


When Food Attacks: A Selective History of Literature's Most Alarming Feasts

Paul Newman’s egg-gorging feat in Cool Hand Luke certainly inspires wonder (along with a tinge of disgust). And yet each time I watch the film, I struggle with a nagging question raised by that stomach-swelling exploit: Which came first, our appetite, or our drive for competitive eating? Owing to the glut of cooking competitions, food trucks racing across town serving up sliders and duck-fat tots, foodies one-upping each other on Instagram and restaurants aggressively advertising their farm-to-table bona fides (as brilliantly satirized on "Portlandia"), food culture feels increasingly competitive in the broader, non-Kobayashi sense.

As the battles unfold to perform more impressive culinary feats, whether inhaling hot dogs [...]


Hungry People Don't Burn Things Down

How unexpected, that unemployment insurance prevented the U.S. from having the highest poverty rate since the 1960s! May we point out: only barely. 2009's poverty rate: 14.3%. (History: 2007: 12.5%. 2000: 11.3%. 1983: 15.2%. 1973: 11.1%. 1964: 19%.) And that's still after we moved a big chunk of older people out of poverty with OUR INTERFERING BIG GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS. Now we just keep young people poor. (And food-insecure.)


Horny Visitor Cannot Mate With Locals

Like all visitors, it crawls about the High Line, being annoying. Yet this one cannot make sex with New York residents. Please welcome Periplaneta japonica, the cold-resistant cockroach.


Dartmouth's "Omelets Made of Vomit" May Not Exist :(

The Dartmouth fraternity hazing investigation has concluded, with all parties currently cleared, as the campus "hazing whistleblower" did not, according to the university, provide appropriate proof of events such as frat pledges being forced to "swim in a kiddie pool full of vomit" and oh so much more. (The whistleblower, as well, pled no contest to "charges of cocaine possession and witness tampering.")