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It's Meat Grease

“It's a new crime. Businesses have attracted thieves and they're stealing more because they can find a buyer for it.” —Guess what "it" is. GUESS! [Via]


Dunkin' Donuts Finally Bringing Its Glamor To Southern California Strip Malls

In all the pretend cultural battles between the East Coast and the West Coast, Dunkin' Donuts occupies a special spot. Eastern Seaboard people are constantly in the Dunkin' Donuts shops, eating bizarre lard-based concoctions such as the beloved "New Hampshire Turkey Snausage Cheese-Steak On a Heat-Pressed Chocolate-glazed White-Bread Sodium Bagel." It's the kind of food that makes Taco Bell look healthy in comparison. It's food for cops and the huge bellies they've earned from 25 years on the beat, taking crap from you people who don't show no respect for nothin', and eating in their patrol cars while listening to classic rock.


E-40 & Too $hort And Travis Porter, "Dump Truck"

At first, the new E-40 & Too Short video—for a song from Function Music, one of the two collaborative albums the Bay-Area rap legends are set to release next month—reminded me of the Village People.