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Will This Brief Moment Of Beauty Help You Forget About How Horrible Your Monday Morning Has Been?

Because Lord knows you could probably use it as you start digging out from the long weekend this morning, enjoy the majesty of the Grand Canyon during a rare weather inversion on Friday. It really makes you think, right? Okay, as you were, those pain-in-the-ass emails aren't going to reply to themselves.


Manhattan Inside The Grand Canyon, But Not In A Sexual Way Or Anything

Have you ever wondered what Manhattan would look like inside the Grand Canyon? Of course you have. EVERYONE DOES. Stop anyone at random on the street and ask them what they are thinking about at that particular moment and they will look down at their feet and sheepishly admit that they were wondering what Manhattan would look like inside the Grand Canyon. It is said that if you were able to float through the dreams that trouble New Yorkers' fitful slumber each night you would spend most of your time suspended in the air above a Manhattan dropped within the vast confines of the Grand Canyon. In fact, I can [...]


Hiking The Grand Canyon In A Day

Signs posted at the rim of the Grand Canyon warn you not to attempt to hike to the river and back in one day: it's too strenuous, and you need to be prepared with food and a gallon of water per person. Apparently, there are several deaths (especially in the summer months) and 250 rescues made each year, so the National Park Service is serious about this. Typical warnings exhort: "DO NOT attempt to hike from the rim to the river and back in one day, especially May to September."

I arrived at the Grand Canyon in late March. It was Spring Break, 1990.