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Nepotism, Slavery And Inheritance: The Tale Of Bushrod Washington

President George Washington’s favorite nephew would go on to make his uncle proud. But at the age of sixteen, rumor had it that Bushrod Washington was bringing shame upon the family.

His mother, Hannah Washington, was the wife of George Washington’s brother—and the gossip had it that her son was attracting unfavorable attention in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Apparently he was getting a reputation.

We don't know now what she wrote to her son, but on November 23, Swann Auction Galleries will place Bushrod’s response up for sale.1 With a steady quill penning careful script, the future Supreme Court justice steadfastly denied the allegation:

The uneasiness I have suffered since the reception [...]


The Rise Of The Blind Gossip Item

Scroll through the blog Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN) and you’ll find a number of innocuous items—red carpet photos of waving actors, well-worn bits of celebrity news. It seems as if the blog is made up of information you can find repeated elsewhere ad infinitum until you come across the nuggets of gossip gold: the blind items.

The anonymous blogger behind CDAN claims to be an in-the-know entertainment lawyer living in Beverly Hills—he signs his emails “Enty.” He posts first- and second-hand gossip about celebs while withholding their names and any obvious detail that might identify them. Because they are anonymous, the stories are often more [...]


The Way We New York Gossip Now

Is New York's Golden Age of gossip fading, or simply in a period of retrenchment? The Village Voice takes a good look.


Gossip Is Intended To Undermine The Negative Consequences of Fame

"They abuse power as much as bankers do, and they make the average person feel insecure about themselves: ‘Why am I not Sarah Jessica Parker?' It gets very existential, because you first got into it because you were interested in these artists, but these folks are not artists, they're just famous." -Joanna Molloy understands gossip folk.


"Gossip": A Music Video Playlist by Emily Gould

Starting today on Awl Music: "Gossip," a playlist by Emily Gould, that'll be unrolled throughout the week. (You can follow along on Tumblr and Twitter too for when new videos go up, if you like.)

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about," said Oscar Wilde, who never had the opportunity to Twitter-search himself. Gossip is an enduring theme of pop music: being talked about, whispering behind someone's back, admonishing listeners not to believe the rumors, feeling apologetic about having let slip something you shouldn't have ("sweetness, I was only joking"), or feeling peeved because someone else did ("you had to [...]


The Cordial Enmity Of Joan Didion And Pauline Kael

A column that resurrects the highbrow gossip of yore.

Here’s an anecdote from James Wolcott’s crackerjack new memoir of ink-stained ’70s New York, Lucking Out: Wolcott, then in his twenties and cutting his teeth at the Village Voice, tagged along with Pauline Kael for a drink at the townhouse of a top Newsweek editor. Kael was three decades older than Wolcott and miles above him then in the editorial food chain, but he wasn’t about to ask the most famous movie critic in America why she kept inviting him to screenings. (Whatta town.)

The only prominent item on the enormous glass coffee table at the editor’s house was Joan Didion’s [...]


Dreamcrasher, With Brady Hammock

Every night millions of us interact with the rich and famous-in our dreams. But why should those celebrity encounters remain off the record? Star columnist Brady Hammock is here to bring you all the dirt about your favorite personalities and how they really act when they think they're safe behind the scrim of your subconscious.


Has celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse added some unpleasant ingredients to the down-to-earth recipe that made him a star? Our spy thinks so: In a recent dream Emeril turned out to be "a lot snootier than you'd think." Bam!


Owen Thomas Leaving Valleywag

Owen Thomas, the longtime writer of the Silicon Valley gossip website Valleywag, which was recently chopped back and folded into Gawker, is departing.


How To Bully Children

I do a lot of pretty random stupid shit thinking that I will write about it. Most of my activities turn out to be useless, though there’s always the idea that I could hit upon something so I live in this constant state of expectation that’s not as exciting as it sounds and is actually mildly depressing. This is because the pretense of adventure, day in and day out, when hardly anything actually ever happens eventually wears on you, especially when you are not rich. As much as one tries to tell oneself that things are being accomplished, such encouragement is no match for the more persistent mantra which goes [...]


UK Press Struggling to be Free, One Affair at a Time

They're just ungagging the press right and left over there in Ye Olde England! Now? "Gordon Ramsay’s father-in-law has lost a legal battle to stop the press revealing he has two love children with his mistress." Oh golly! Love children! Children of love. Unlike all those other nasty children of hate.


A Handy Guide to Which Black People Gossip Sells White People Ads and Pageviews

"Gossip, like everything else in the media, is a business…. The reason why Page 6 doesn't care about Mashonda or Swizz Beatz's past is because Page 6 has no real clue who the hell those people are. Or if they do know who they are, they do not care because they know that Swizz Beatz and Mashonda don't sell ads." (via)




1. From the office of Senator Richard Burr (R, NC): "More people watch TMZ in North Carolina than we thought." Oh really? 2. From Harvey Levin, the honcho of gossip clearinghouse TMZ: "If I got Ruth Bader Ginsburg doing aerobics, that would be interesting." (!!!) All from this absurd, old-people story in Time.