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Are Cyborg Identity Politics Destroying YOUR Favorite Restaurant?

Feast is a restaurant in New York that has been described to me as "cute" and "so-and-so's favorite place." It looks nice and people seem to like it. But Feast has made a mistake. EV Grieve has the story: Toward the end of last month, Feast said that they had a customer arrive as a walk-in for brunch. She was wearing Google Glass. A few months previously, they had another diner wearing a pair and the restaurant received several comments about privacy from other guests. Restaurant staff asked the person to remove them, and he quickly consented.

So when the other diner came in wearing Google Glass, [...]


Will Dogs Be Using Google Glass Before You Do?

"American scientists have created a wearable computer for dogs that they say could allow man's best friend to send messages to handlers. The technology might initially sound barking mad, but its creators at Georgia Institute of Technology believe that it will give crime dogs and other K-9s a clearer and more direct way to communicate with their handlers. The Google Glass-inspired technology for hounds may even let us humans view the world through a dog's eyes."


Don't Worry About Google Glass, Because People Are Basically Decent

"Thad Starner, a pioneer of wearable computing who is a technical adviser to the Glass team, says he thinks concerns about disruption are overblown. 'Asocial people will be able to find a way to do asocial things with this technology, but on average people like to maintain the social contract,' Mr. Starner said." —The social contract? Really? That's what you're going with to address our concerns about the potential for massive invasions of privacy? Did that test better than "unicorns" or "the goodness of our [...]