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The Artisanal Troll

A society should really only be judged on the quality of its trolling. Some trolls are obvious, some are subtle, some are dumb. (Some are all three.) But some trollery approaches pure critique, is made of the finest digital intervention, and only performed for a limited audience. It's artisanal trolling! Hand-roll troll! (Is it really trolling if you're not chasing a huge audience? Hmm!) Here's Greg Allen going in on Twitter with the Cambridge University's Digital Library's… let's say "ironically orientalist" take on a very beautiful 16th century Islamic manuscript version of Zakariya Qazvini's cosmography.

Some trolling is successful even!

@gregorg @vhfscott brilliant! Now I [...]


"'We're the best thing happening in America,' said one tech entrepreneur"

Everybody's spending his Facebook IPO money before it's converted to cash! The Bay Area is going to hell in an Hermes handbasket! Real estate agent Jeff Appenrodt said a client of his recently was among 51 bidders on a three-bedroom, one-bath Edwardian-style home built in 1903 that was showing its age. The client, a tech entrepreneur, made an all-cash offer 50% over the $849,000 asking price — and got thumped. The house sold for $1.4 million to a rival bidder.

Here's your other damning quote, from a real-estate-broker-to-the-rich: "Everyone feels confident again." Muh ha ha, you know what that means. (Comeuppance.)


Number of Scenarios In Which Oil "Stays in Gulf": Zero

"We can ask: Are there any scenarios where the oil stays in the Gulf? The answer seems to be no." -Synte Peacock, oceanographer, National Center for Atmospheric Research.


Ain't No Snobs Like San Francisco Snobs

When Zynga honcho Mark Pincus bought a house in San Francisco, everyone gushed. It sounds okay! According to the Wall Street Journal, "Spanning four levels, the seven-bedroom home has an elevator, six fireplaces and views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Dutch Colonial Revival house was never previously on the market; it had remained in the Newhall family since it was built in 1907." Not everyone was so impressed, according to the new Vanity Fair which I am now going to go out and buy. According to Trevor Traina, "San Francisco’s undisputed social king," “Their house needs a lot of work but also has superb potential, so I’m [...]


One Congressman Worse Than the Nudie-Twitter Pic Dude

Everyone's been paying a lot of attention to one member of Congress these last two weeks, and next to none about the ones we should really be worried about. Let's start with David Rivera, recently cleared by the FEC for paying a third party to run attack ads, but what about everything else, it is pointed out today? Such as: half a million dollars from a dog track? The amended financial disclosure forms, after his reports that attributed his income to USAID were rebutted by… USAID? Also, yes, there is that time that his car somehow ran down an opponent's truck that was carrying fliers that [...]


Nature Reclaiming Abandoned Middle America (Now To Be Called "Middle Earth")

"As communities from Buffalo to Milwaukee struggle with shuttered factories and vacant neighborhoods, some have turned abandoned properties into parks, gardens and other open space, even going so far as to plow under entire neighborhoods."


It's a Boy Brawl! Mark Ames v. Malcolm Harris

Hahahaha I just googled Ames and he's born the same year as my dad. Dude is a46 year old man.

— Malcolm Harris (@BigMeanInternet) September 19, 2012

Well, here's a mildly misguided takedown of someone you've likely never heard of. Are you in the mood for that? It's Wednesday, why not! So it's Mark Ames—of the eXile infamy—on the topic of Malcolm Harris, who writes for The New Inquiry. Have you had enough already? Walk away! Be free! Otherwise… Ames' point is basically like this: Occupy was kind of irritating, then kind of amazing, but then really irritating, and that's all because pretentious, obnoxious twits were [...]


The Way Overly Frisky L Train Couple

Were you part of this straight couple on the L train yesterday circa 7 p.m., getting off at Bedford Street (indeed) after basically getting it on? You have some explaining to do. Or a book deal waiting. Or something.