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Woe, Woe, Your TumblrCities Lies In Dust

Mark Ghuneim and David Peris dug up this delicious chestnut from January, 1999: "Internet search engine Yahoo! Inc. confirmed Thursday it will buy GeoCities, a fast-growing Web site community, in a $3.6 billion deal that will further solidify Yahoo!'s position as a frontrunner in the online popularity contest." RIMSHOT.

Makes a billion dollars for Tumblr seem like a steal. Here's what I don't understand: who's blabbin' about the potential acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo!? Oh, gosh, whoever benefits from that. Tumblr made $13 million in 2012, so $1,000,000,000 sounds totally natural.

Oh, and how was GeoCities at the time of its Yahoo! acquisition? "In [...]


Defending the Cats of Rome

"Why go after the cat ladies and the veterinary hospital that has brought life to the hapless, ugly, hopelessly false Largo Argentina rather than pick on the big developers who have done real damage?" —Wait, did you also miss this the other week, about the battle over cats in Rome, and also fascism, architecture, sexism, machismo, politics and everything else? It's amazing.


"Syndication" and the Shoddy Currency of Linkage

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My article about Business Insider has already had more than 3 times as many pageviews as Business Insider sent me since 2009.Fri Sep 23 16:09:36 via Twitter for MacMarco Armentmarcoarment

We wrote here a year-and-a-half ago about the new use of the term "syndication." While that used to mean "getting paid by publications to reprint writing," it has now come to mean "not getting paid by publications to reprint writing." We wrote that some "sites, which make a good deal of money, now are trying to have two [...]


Baby Names Beyond Parody

We didn't quite believe it when we saw this on Kate Day's Twitter, but here it is, in the Independent. Biggles George Fittleworth Jackson-Kew. And his sister. Posie Betsy Winifred Jackson-Kew. Who have an older sister. Named Tuppence.

But of course, things are crazy in England. The paper also makes note of the marriage of Peter Wood and Kitty Fox, and please let them hyphenate their names. "Hello, Mrs. Kitty Wood-Fox!"

It should also be noted that another excellent baby shared this announcement page, and her name is Cora Dudgeon. I swoon.


"I Put Myself in the Camp of Henry David Thoreau"–Conrad Black

Bizarre right-wing Canadian-defector and upper-class hero Conrad Black takes on the BBC's Jeremy Paxman, who Conrad calls a "priggish, gullible, British fool" for not understanding Black's apparent persecution in America. Other Conrad notable quotables: "Oh God, I'm going to throw up."



Mike Albo Serves Up a Deliciously Chilly Revenge

Today comes The Junket: A Journey of Seduction, Celebrity, Swag and Stupidity, by one Mr. Mike Albo. You may not remember, but Albo was essentially banned from the New York Times—he was a freelancer who, among other duties, wrote the Critical Shopper column every other week—after participating in a JetBlue junket (with a Mystery Destination!) with a lot of "internet people." (We documented this junket in harrowing detail.) And now… Albo has told all. It's good. Here are two favorite early bits!


A Brief Recap of the "Facts v. Rhetoric" Election

"Peggy Noonan is someone who is very, very skilled at making bullshit look like some elegant soufflé," Silver says. "She’s very good at rhetoric and argument, but it’s still not grounded in the truth—it all falls apart every four years, but I don’t think she’ll be out of a job any time soon."

Ha ha, Nate Silver!!


SoHo Hotel Protects Itself from Man Getting Newspaper

"Are you a cab driver?" "No" "Do you have a room here?" "Yes" Questions posed in the foyer of my new York hotel. #travellingwhileblack

— Gary Younge (@garyyounge) May 3, 2012

Guardian (and Nation) columnist Gary Younge has been in America for a few years now; he currently lives in Chicago, and is staying at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City.


How Not to Be a Publicist

"The Redner Group's official Twitter account posted something you almost never see: an open threat stating that outlets who reviewed Duke Nukem Forever poorly may not receive review copies of games in the future. Anyone who has done this job for any amount of time has suffered through a dry spell after giving a publisher a bad review, but this is the first time the threat of a blacklist has been made public." They've since apologized, but, yow. (via