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Every Old Disease Is New Again

Good morning to you too, World Health Organization: After discussion and deliberation on the information provided, and in the context of the global polio eradication initiative, the Committee advised that the international spread of polio to date in 2014 constitutes an ‘extraordinary event’ and a public health risk to other States for which a coordinated international response is essential.

Pakistan, Cameroon, and the Syrian Arab Republic are getting hit hardest. Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel, Somalia and Nigeria "pose an ongoing risk for new wild poliovirus exportations in 2014." Meanwhile, retro pathogens are booming on from the other side of the economic stability spectrum as well.


'Til We Bury Every Dream In The Cold Cold Ground

Because it is more or less all I have left to me at this point-and God knows if it goes I've got no way of getting a new one-I am particularly protective of my laptop. So as I walked over to the Awl offices this morning amidst the thin, still-unshoveled layer of last night's snowfall I took each step a little more gingerly than usual. And as I trudged my way across the avenues it suddenly occurred to me that anyone who noted my progress would observe a man whose deliberate but hesitant carriage bore all the hallmarks of the caution and fright. Which is to say, this is [...]


Bombs Over Broadway

What a weekend, full of bombs; first Jay Leno, then a Nissan Pathfinder? NO BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS. And I mean, what an oil slick, hey? Home-rigged accelerants and explosives dousing the ducklings of Times Square, while the mayor watches telepathically. AM I RIGHT? Unlike every other Broadway bomb, this one everyone wants credit for! Hi-o! And what thanks do ya get when you help out the kind people of Gotham City by keeping our tourists away from a bomb? You gotta eat a very fishy salt-free, low-cal meal with Mayor McAntiCheese's terror deputy Patty Harris! Oh, we kid, she's great [...]