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Fall Preview

Autumn will start off with a series of false beginnings and vague feelings of dislocation as summer lingers longer than everyone expects, even though summer here always easily extends into the end of September and sometimes beyond. When the days draw down and the sun starts to set earlier and earlier you will increasingly develop an overwhelming sense of opportunities missed and chances wasted as each event you had hoped to attend or goal you had your sights set on achieving becomes yet another adventure you opted out of under the empty promise that there was something better going on, and this endless buffet of poor choices will eventually lead [...]


Maybe The Internet Will Be Good Someday

"Despite how far the computer, Internet, and social media have come, they're still in the relatively early stages of development — maybe even the infantile, pre-adolescent stages…. As these new technologies mature, so will the ways we use them. [We] now find it boring to go to chat rooms just to mess with people. And just think — most current versions of social media are still only a few years old. Eventually, people will grow tired of using computer power for petty teasing, and will use it for more practical and useful applications." —Party enthusiast Andrew W.K. offers hope to those who worry about the negativity of the Internet. [...]


Slap a new coat of paint on him and Jeeves is back.

An auspicious sign for Web revivals? " is to relaunch in the UK as Ask Jeeves three years after ditching the brand. The butler character will be reintroduced to the search engine's branding and advertising after a makeover-by Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes, no less-that will ditch Jeeves's pinstripe trousers and coattail jacket for a trendier look." This being Web 3.0, Jeeves is getting Twitter and Facebook accounts. Also, we hear Marc Jacobs is working on a complete reboot of the sock puppet. It's all happening, people!