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What Would Glenn Greenwald Do?

"My copy came with CONFIDENTIAL stamped on every page and a nondisclosure agreement that expires today." Thus arrived the new book by Glenn Greenwald, the most unrelenting man on the planet, on the doorsteps of reviewers.

The book, No Place to Hide, does a few things: It recounts how Greenwald and Laura Poitras met Edward Snowden in Hong Kong to begin the process of exposing the National Security Agency's mass surveillance programs; it provides mix of familiar and fresh details—to the public, anyway, having been squirreled away by Greenwald for nearly a year—about those programs; and it excoriates "the establishment media" for their complicity with [...]


An Interview With Glenn Greenwald

Salon writer Glenn Greenwald got rock star treatment at the National Conference for Media Reform, held this past weekend in Boston, where he took part in a standing-room-only panel discussion of WikiLeaks with Emily Bell of Columbia’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Greg Mitchell of The Nation, Australian journalist Christopher Warren and Micah Sifry of Personal Democracy Forum.

Cheers of “Hear, hear!” rippled through the crowd after Greenwald argued that “what WikiLeaks is doing is what journalism is all about.” He’s written extensively about Julian Assange’s network and particularly about accused document-leaker Bradley Manning.

He spoke with me after the session about media transformation, WikiLeaks, what drives [...]


Somehow There Are Opposing Views: How Often Do Americans Get To Kill People and When?

I too hope that the Glenn Greenwald-Andrew Sullivan fight goes on forever. Andrew is in this corner: "I do believe we are at war; and that killing those who wish to kill us before they can do so is not the equivalent of 'assassination.'" In the other corner: "Would Andrew be comfortable with a future Republican President–let's say, just to pick a random example… President Sarah Palin–having the power to order American citizens killed based solely on her unchecked accusation that they are somehow involved with or helping Al Qaeda Terrorists, while the targeted citizens have no recourse to any courts and she has no obligation [...]


Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald. Glenn Greenwald? Glenn Greenwald! Glenn… Greenwald. [Sighs.] Glenn Greenwald.


Us v. Them: When The Liberal Media Met In Boston

At my first session at the fifth National Conference for Media Reform in Boston, at a panel called “Wikileaks, Journalism and Modern-Day Muckraking,” I sat next to a man who regaled me at length with how he had learned to find the real news from Libya via a Toronto professor’s blog. Later, as NCMR volunteers walked around the room collecting questions for the panelists on three-by-five cards, I watched him filling up most of his card. He carefully block-printed a preamble and two-pronged question, the first part of which was, “IS RESISTANCE FUTILE?”

Well, no. Based on all of the projects and innovation I learned about at the [...]


The Real Truth About Adrian Lamo

The riveting Bradley Manning affair has been flawlessly covered by Glenn Greenwald-but Greenwald appears to have missed the most glaring point regarding the man known as Adrian Lamo. Namely, his real identity. (To play along, here's the background in three easy sentences: Bradley Manning, an Army analyst, was charged this month with distributing classified data to Wikileaks, including video that showed the killing of civilians in Baghdad and, allegedly, a bombing that killed "scores of children" in Afghanistan. Manning allegedly told this to journalist Adrian Lamo, who promptly handed over his IM chat logs with Manning to the feds, believing that "lives were in danger." Meanwhile, [...]


Glenn Greenwald is Also a Relationship Expert

"I end up playing video games with a bunch of 23-year-olds until 3 a.m., and he ends up reading the Nietzsche I give him." —Blogger Glenn Greenwald reveals the secrets to making a 19-year age difference work in a relationship. (It's sweet!) Although I'm not sure the "he prevents me from getting old, cranky, set in my ways, stagnant, and unspontaneous" plan is entirely working, but really all of us on the Internet should probably thank his boyfriend.


Sullivan and Greenwald Down! Krugman Fine! We Check in on Blogger Health

Given that Andrew Sullivan was out sick all last week (asthma and bronchitis) and that Glenn Greenwald was just released from the hospital after contracting dengue fever, we thought we’d ask around and see how some other prominent bloggers are doing in this age of cyber-disease.

Uh oh! New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is taking the day off today from his blog “The Conscience of a Liberal”! But worry not—he's just preparing for the new semester of teaching. And he's going nowhere. Krugman wrote in an email to us that he plans to continue blogging “as long as I think I’m having an impact [...]