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How "Baby It's Cold Outside" Became America's Secular Christmas Anthem, Despite People Claiming It's About Date Rape

Betty Garrett and Red Skelton, reversing roles in the song's 1948 Hollywood premiere.

This Christmastime, last Christmastime and for many holiday seasons past, writers and commenters of the Internet have gathered to argue over the holiday classic "Baby It's Cold Outside." The conversations and accusations are rarely about the song's merits as a Tin Pan Alley jazz-pop composition. Instead, we wonder if the playful exchange of the man and woman is actually the loaded conversation before a sinister date rape. Or is the whole song just a harmless relic of a bygone time when "The answer is No" meant not "No," but "maybe just a half a drink more," [...]


Today's Gay on Gay Media Metaphor Violence

From Jann Wenner's tangled id and the camera of Robert Trachtenberg comes this portrait in Rolling Stone of young "Glee" star Chris Colfer surrounded by menacing homosexuals. How to say? Ah ha, this is how to say: "Ah, yes, the life cycle of the gay man, as the fresh-faced, impressionable polyp is transformed by the greasy, feral rut into his inevitably predatory leather daddy medusa form…. Because, of course, having a train run on you by hot guys in leather is NO ONE'S idea of a good time." (via)


"Glee": Sometimes Writers Slam Keyboards with Ham Fists

This was the first episode in which I felt the darkness of real life butted up against the cartoon land of "Glee," and, honestly, I don't know how the show is going to hold up. Well, okay. Before I get into that eternal sadness, let's talk about the adorable plot line of Tina the Goth vs. Principal "Actually Believes in Vampires" Figgins. After a band of Hot Fat Teen Vampires, aka Glee Spin Off Show #407, takes down a hapless nerd in the hallway, Figgins cracks down on all Goths school-wide. (I'm really hoping those vamps actually did rip open that dweeb's throat out and gorged themselves on his [...]


Glee: A Bad Reputation is Better Than No Reputation at All…Arguably

I took a short break this week from yowling and clawing at my eye sockets at how depraved and grotesque "Glee" has become to actually…sort of…enjoy it. But not that much! And just part of it! That part being where cheerleading coach/erstwhile demonic force Sue Sylvester became the cuddly stuffed ostrich we all secretly known she is inside, and snuggled up to her sister Jean to escape the cruel jibs of her laughing coworkers after a video of her Jazzercising to Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" shows up online.


'Glee': Now with Drug-Rape (Or Rape-Rape?) Plots!

I have never, ever seen this television program called "Glee," because I don't watch any program set in a high school. (I had to not really watch "Vampire Diaries" for a couple episodes when recently we were reminded that these 27-year-olds were actually supposed to be high school students!) But apparently "Glee"-related stuff went sort of off the rails last night? According to brave TV watcher Halle Kiefer, things got a little weird and rapey: "Sue Sylvester is obviously the best part of the show. Schuester is a whiner, Rachel be crazy, the football player is like, 'I am very old to be playing a high school student!' [...]


It Seems To Be Taking Less And Less Time For The Terrible Things In The World To Ruin Any New Good Thing That Comes Into The World

Doesn't it?


The "Glee" Season Finale: Illuminate Your Own Banality

I'm just going to go ahead and tell you up front that I wept during last night's season finale of "Glee." Images appeared on my television screen, my eye perceived them and certain parts of my brain were stimulated, thus causing my tear ducts to activate, OKAY? So, if you need to read a well-thought out and mature critique by someone who didn't cry like a dumb stupid baby at multiple points during this show last night, well, this is not a thing for you to read.


"Glee": The Extremely Hetero-Acting Neil Patrick Harris

Due to Ramin Setoodeh's uber-dumb Newsweek article from a few weeks ago, "My Head Is Filled With Diarrhea, and Other Musings," in which he questions gay actors' ability to play straight characters (which apparently is a real thing that adult humans besides the author actually think?), I'm sure more people than usual were scrutinizing Neil Patrick Harris as he guest-starred as a straight man in this week's episode of "Glee." Who wasn't busy analyzing his wrist-limpness or lip-gloss application count or unconscious eye rolls of disgust at naked ladies' bodies, or however else we are judging perceived gayness in FICTIONAL CHARACTERS these days? However, if my PANTS have [...]


Glee: Hello Ice Cream Visions, Goodbye Horses

Halle Kiefer is watching a television show called Glee, which is set in a magical American high school in Ohio, and trying to make sense of it week by week. Last episode, the infamous all-Madonna episode thrilled and disappointed in near-equal portions. Last night, though she ran into both hilarity and then…. a wee spot of trouble with bulimia and the jokes about bulimia. Definitely there are spoilers.

Let us start with the elephant in the room: last night's episode WAS THE BIGGEST WASTE OF A ROLLER RINK. EVER. Right? I mean, when our Spanish teacher Will Schuester first walks into Rinky Dinks (or Rink Springfield, or The [...]


Ana Marie Cox: "Glee," Sincerity, and the Maine Gay Marriage Repeal

Avril Lavigne songs don't make me cry. Except this morning, listening to the new "Glee" soundtrack: as I was thinking about the lost battle for marriage equality in Maine, the cast's cover of "Keep Holding On" started streaming through my headphones. I lost it.

I confess that prior to hearing the song on the show, ALL I knew about it was that Avril sung it. Kids like her, right? Oh, and it's the fucking theme to fucking Eragon.


Jay-Z Gets The Show Choir Treatment

Real talk: "Nassau County State Of Mind" > the candied slab of saccharine that is the "Glee" version of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State Of Mind." And despite this Autotuned, overly precious assault on his Big Apple anthem, Jay-Z is still having a pretty decent run this week, what with his bonkers, cameo-studded Yankee Stadium shows and the fact that he hasn't released a cringe-inducing AC/DC cover yet. (There's still time, though?)


"Glee": Hand Me My Bullhorn, William

Remember last week when Kurt's dad kicked Finn out of his house, and Rachel found her biological mother only to lose her again? Well, this week's episode resolves these tragic dilemmas when-oh, I'm kidding. They dropped those storylines like the hottest potato. But there's no time for such concerns now. To the auditorium!


'Glee': I'm Dumb But I'm Not Stupid

This week's episode began with a painful, devastating loss. We open on Puck's mohawk being ceremoniously hacked off, removed by a dermatologist attempting to get a better look at a scalp mole. His beautiful locks fall in the kind of slow-motion Ang Lee doves-past-a-doorway shot befitting a super-hot individual getting incrementally less hot.


Glee: The Transformation of Average-People Losers

Last week, we noticed that local TV-owning lady Halle Kiefer was watching 'Glee' and having issues with it. Still having never seen it ourselves, but knowing that many of our pals, including Ana Marie Cox, love 'Glee' unreservedly, we asked Halle to help us make sense of it, episode by episode. Herewith, her report.