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Who Wants To Be Luke Skywalker?

In the few weeks before the auditions there was a bubbling sense of excitement which reminded me of the beginning of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. A huge film enterprise, thus far closed to mere mortals, was to let two chosen people not only appear in the film but also perhaps take on lead roles.

I was working at my receptionist job at a local community center in Edinburgh the morning it was announced that Disney and Lucasfilm were holding open auditions for a ‘Major Hollywood Movie.’

"I’m too old, dammit," said Victoria, of the cafe volunteers, "and also they want beautiful, so that [...]


Meditations on Glasgow with Gerard Butler

City Paper: There’s a lot I don’t remember, because I was 17 years old and I managed to get served everywhere, so that was fun, plus on top of that I was an American, so I was like a thing from a zoo and everybody was trying to get me loaded.

Gerard Butler: You’re either gonna get punched or fucked.

CP: I went into a bar, I had a green shirt, and I had a jacket on over it, and I went into this bar with some friends, and I sat down and took the jacket off, and I had a green shirt with yellow sleeves, and it was [...]


Neil Young Busking In Glasgow In 1976

Oh my God! Watch this video of Neil Young busking, with a banjo and harmonica, in front of the Bank of Scotland in Glasgow in 1976. He plays one of his greatest songs, "The Old Laughing Lady," and still some silly Scot says he thinks it's "a lot of rubbish." Almost as good for the fashions and accents on the Glaswegian street as it is for the music.