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Jobriath's Revenge

There is a certain type of musician who is mostly famous for being unknown. You’re probably familiar: an independent documentary filmmaker pulls a beloved musician from the ash pile of rock and roll history and—with the help of some talking heads and archival concert flyers—brings them in to the spotlight for their encore. It is a genre pioneered by The Nomi Song and Anvil! The Story of Anvil and rounded out recently by A Band Called Death and the Oscar winning Searching For Sugarman and it’s always a captivating story, a kind of final balancing of the Scales of Rock Justice.

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T. Rex Singles, Worst To Best

28. Dreamy Lady 27. London Boys 26. Laser Love 25. Light of Love 24. Think Zinc 23. Crimson Moon 22. Zip Gun Boogie 21. Truck On (Tyke) 20. The Children of Rarn 19. Do You Wanna Dance