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A Drone Tried to Kill Me at a Gizmodo Party

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, Hausfrau magazine editor Stephen Kosloff tells us more about what it’s like to have a drone smack into your head and cut you up while you’re trying to play some foosball at a Gizmodo party.

I am now the only person I know who was wounded by a #drone at a @Gizmodo party. #tech

— Stephen Kosloff (@stephenkosloff) May 22, 2014

Stephen! So what happened here?

I was celebrating closing an ad deal for my magazine, and by “celebrating,” I [...]


Everyone Is So Upset For Crime Victim Steve Jobs!

Aol. blogger Jeff Bercovici was totally unable to digest his dinner last night because he was SCANDALIZED and OUTRAGED about Gizmodo's "checkbook journalism" regarding the new iPhone. Sure, Gawker Media had already long-ago returned Steve Jobs' missing iPhone, but that would not settle his OUTRAGE. He writes: "Gawker Media brazenly, publicly flouted the law. It subsidized a crime: the selling of stolen merchandise. Then it published a misleading, whitewashed account of the seller's actions meant to make it look as though he was not acting with criminal intent. It published this account in order to disguise its own culpability in the matter." Oh mercy!


A Model In How To Apologize

My first reaction upon seeing this Gizmodo post that a computer-nerd friend sent me was: that other computer nerd at Gizmodo is totally biting my style! Apologizing to people is my schtick! But it's very touching and has nothing to do with me (as shocking as that may that seem) and is exactly the right thing to do when you discover that you've made a terrible mistake. Seriously. It's great. Everyone else should read it, too. "I Am Very Sorry, Segway Stroller Lady," it's called. It begins, "You might remember this post three years ago in which I laughed at a woman on a Segway pushing [...]


We Hear a Rumor that Steve Jobs Called Gizmodo…

…. and he wants his iPhone back. Oooh. In other news, receiving stolen property, in the state of California, is often charged as a misdemeanor. (Interstate receipt, however, under federal law? Well, things get a little more hectic.) But we're still awaiting the explanation on how Gizmodo came to have the opportunity to pay $5K (we believe) for the missing alleged new prototype iPhone. Could be totally legit!


Gawker Media Monthly Traffic = Population of Canada

So says Gawker Media Honcho Nick Denton in his monthly traffic email to his staff.


How Much Gizmodo Paid for the Next iPhone: $5K Plus Bonus

Engadget said that the "finder" (who some are referring to as a "stealer") was charging to see the "lost" new iPhone-pictures of which were published on Gizmodo this morning. Tech blogger John Gruber said the phone was a "total hoax," but seems to have backed down on that; now he says "That this belongs to and was made by Apple is almost beyond question at this point." He also says that Apple considers the phone "stolen." Gawker honcho Nick Denton promises that the story of the iPhone's acquisition is coming, and it's a "corker." ("Slang: A remarkable or astounding person or thing.") It's going to [...]