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Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Hating Myself For Getting Black-Out Drunk?

Hi Polly,

I drink a lot, some weeks nearly everyday, some weeks once or twice, and once I've started (usually when I get home from work) I always keep going until I go to bed. I'm OK if I do it alone, but if I communicate with people in any way while I'm not sober and then the next day I don't remember each and every word of the conversations I start panicking and feeling I did something horrible.

I've had a rough life, but I've worked hard and, after a couple of psychiatrists that didn't help much and 1.5 years of therapy that did, I'm finally, at 29, [...]


Last Day for SxSW Panel Picks! Let's Gamify Our Brands Together!

Today's the last day to vote for SxSW panels!!! Freak out on it! You too can help set an agenda for conversations you will likely not attend. Let's game this system. NO WAIT, LET'S GAMIFY THIS SYSTEM!

"Are brands social listening or just social hearing?" "What happens to Nyan cat after we stop looking?" "Does being a designer suck?" These and 3000 other questions await you. If you won't answer them, WHO WILL?


Yeah, That Thing About How To Roll Up Your Pants?

"'As cropped pants have become such a style, this is an easy way to get around shortening your pants by three inches,' said Josh Peskowitz, the style editor of, who had rolled up his pants that very morning. 'It's noncommittal.'" -CAN'T EVEN DEAL.