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Store Closes

"Barnes & Noble's former flagship location at 105 Fifth Avenue has shuttered for good. A tipster alerted us to the closure earlier today, and a message on the store's answering machine notes that the location 'is permanently closed,' directing callers to the nearby Union Square store."


How Much Of Life Can You Still Blame On High School?

"Today, we also live in an age when our reputation is at the mercy of people we barely know, just as it was back in high school, for the simple reason that we lead much more public, interconnected lives. The prospect of sudden humiliation once again trails us, now in the form of unflattering photographs of ourselves or unwanted gossip, virally reproduced. The whole world has become a box of interacting strangers. Maybe, perversely, we should be grateful that high school prepares us for this life. The isolation, the shame, the aggression from those years—all of it readies us to cope. But one also has to wonder whether high [...]