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All Those Guys Who Said "I Won't Get Married Until George Clooney Can Get Married" Are Totally Screwed Now

"Will George Clooney's engagement spur NYC singles into marriage?" [Via]


George Clooney Rakish, Not Helping

A picture may be worth 1000 words, but this picture of George Clooney after hobnobbing with Obama probably cost 500 Democratic votes. Thanks for saving the Sudan, George. But if you want to help in America, what with this election coming up, maybe cough up more than the $19,900 in donations you've made to national Democratic candidates since 2003 (a number that includes the $4,000 for your dad's congressional campaign).


George Clooney Has Those Terrible Doors

Hate those doors.

But! From elsewhere in this bizarre video tour of his house: "That’s Einstein, that’s my dog. I was given the dog from a lovely shelter, but they’d gotten it from a place where they… take ’em out. He’s a fun dog." Which, aww, yay.


Flicked Off: 'Up in the Air'

There's so many different reasons to see a movie! Sometimes, you will be walking by a theater, and it will be playing A Serious Man, starting in fifteen minutes, and you'll think "What the hell!" And then, 110 minutes later, you'll be like, "Hey, that was a kickass, awesome godamned movie, why did I not see it before?" Or sometimes I, like many people in America, will go to a film just see an actor (which is why I have seen every Julianne Moore and Frances McDormand and Holly Hunter movie ever). By those standards, Up in the Air is a damn fine bit of bait. George Clooney, at 48 [...]


Actor Passes On Lousy Job

Despite the groundswell at the local level, the fierce urgency of now and the overwhelming feeling that this country is beset by so many crises and intractable issues that only someone of his stature, compassion and ability to bring us all together, to harness whatever good will remains in our selfish hearts, can mend our broken nation, George Timothy Clooney will not be running for president. So I guess we'll have to find some other way to fix things.