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Middleman Removed

But consider the experience of Chris Dannen, a 29-year-old ­webtrepreneur who was served with an eviction notice after a year of hosting Airbnb guests in his Greenpoint apartment. When he dropped off his final rent check, he noticed the management company was converting it into a hotel: The "loft suite" apartments are currently listed on Airbnb for $199. Dannen was, and still is, a believer in Airbnb’s cause. "I’m of the millennial view that it’s a nice way to meet people and make friends." But he was disappointed in Airbnb’s reaction to his situation. "In retrospect, I would say, they knew this was going to happen to people, and they [...]


A Subtlety of 'A Subtlety'

Last week, I went with a friend to see A Subtlety: or the Marvelous Sugar Baby: an Homage to the unpaid and overworked Artisans who have refined our Sweet tastes from the cane fields to the Kitchens of the New World on the Occasion of the demolition of the Domino Sugar Refining Plant, the installation by Kara Walker that will close after this weekend, following an eight-week run. When we left, I asked my friend what he thought. “Well, it’s all over Instagram,” he said. “So it’s pretty much what I expected.”

Reviews of Walker’s installation have tended to focus on a few themes: Gender and sexuality is [...]