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The Gee Whiz Train

The thin, fragile, and (oft unfairly) maligned conduit between Brooklyn and Queens is shutting down for five weeks so that the MTA can repair lingering damage from Hurriance Sandy. This has provided occasion to air out moldering anxieties about the G train and the area it serves, one too ripe for Uber to resist exploiting: While the MTA does their thing, we’re here to bridge the gap with one free transfer between the Nassau Av and Court Sq G train stops.

The MTA's "thing" is maintaining vital physical infrastructure. Uber is beloved by its investors precisely because it does not perform that kind of costly work, but [...]


G Train Possibly Not The Fetid, Inescapable Pit Of Despair We Had Previously Suggested Even Though All Who Ride It Still Lose The Desire To Live

"However trendy it may be to knock the G, a new report finds that the oft-ridiculed subway line continues to outperform its reputation, while delays along the neighboring L train have gotten dramatically worse." Um, so what? Either way it's still Brooklyn.


New Subway Line to Connect Brooklyn and Some Other Borough

Ever since the streetcar system that connected Brooklyn and Queens was effectively dismantled by the automobile industry, there has been virtually no way to travel between the two boroughs without a car, except by bike, boat, bus, foot or fowl. But today, the Metropolitan Transit Authority has announced the opening of a new subway line that will run essentially north-south, exclusively serving the two rapidly growing outer boroughs.

Called the G line, it will run between Church Avenue in Brooklyn and Court Square in Queens. While the trains only features four cars, they will run every eight minutes between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. on weekdays. P.A. [...]


You Can Tell Yourself A Lot Of Lies About Brooklyn But You Can't Pretend The G Train Doesn't Suck

"I was born here. The G train is not a train."


Train Terrible

Can you guess what line the New York Times calls "the city’s sorriest little railroad"? If you have ever been on it (or, more likely, waited with increasing exasperation before finally uttering a "Fuck this"—the volume of which proved shocking even to yourself—and heading back upstairs to search for any viable means of transportation, rather than the theoretical situation from which you just departed in a rage) you probably can.