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Are Twitter, LinkedIn And Facebook Worth Anything?

TWC goes to Comcast. This chart helps put it in to perspective.

— James Gross (@James_Gross) February 13, 2014

That chart above went around a bit last night, with the news of the purchase of Time Warner by Comcast for $45.2 billion. It compares the "market value" of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google v. the "market value" of CBS, Viacom, Disney, Comcast and Time Warner Cable. You know, the new establishment v. those stupid old dinosaurs. Hmm, how else could we compare these companies?

Oh right, how about by that crazy out-of-fashion metric: by the money they make? I made you a chart! Here's that [...]


Oh Hay, What a Wonderful Success TARP Was!

You know what obscures facts sometimes? Opinion-free, neutral language. True! Here is the soothing language from yesterday's Times: "Nearly a year after the federal rescue of the nation's biggest banks, taxpayers have begun seeing profits from the hundreds of billions of dollars in aid that many critics thought might never be seen again…. These early returns are by no means a full accounting of the huge financial rescue undertaken by the federal government last year to stabilize teetering banks and other companies…. But the mere hint of bailout profits for the nearly year-old Troubled Asset Relief Program has been received as a welcome surprise." So, wait, what are they saying? [...]


NFL Attendance, Explained

Left: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, age 17. Right: Irish Sweeper in Fall River Iron Works, age 17, circa 1900.

Dallas Cowboys Arlington, TX Attendance: 87047 Emigrants from Ireland in one year after the most recent recession

Washington Redskins Landover, MD Attendance: 83172 Number of people employed by the coal mining industry in the United States

New York Giants East Rutherford, NJ Attendance: 79019 Number of Americans the government was unable to recover and identify immediately after WWII

New York Jets East Rutherford, NJ Attendance: 78596 Number of people who applied for a one-way trip to Mars [...]


The Fantastic American Murder Rate: Do Presidents Make People Kill?

Why do people like to kill other people so much in America? (Which, much like Cardiff, is the stabbingest and shootingest place in the better parts of the world, except, unlike Cardiff, America is actually in one of the better places in the world.) And we mean besides the obvious reasons, such as being surrounded by bad smells and dirty looks and not enough parking spaces and hating other races and stuff. In a look this week at historian's attempts to make sense of our murder rate, some ideas are tried on and discarded: "The homicide rate appears to correlate with Presidential approval ratings. If [American Murder author Randolph] [...]