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F***ed Up, "Led By Hand"

This is so great that the only thing I will say about is "headphones on if you're at work." Once you've attended to that, click play for four minutes of unrestrained awesome. [Via]


Live From Last Night: F***ed Up and Titus Andronicus

Here is a video of the Canadian punk rock band Fucked Up playing their encore last night at Le Poisson Rouge in the West Village. I was at the show. It was awesome.


F***ed Up, "Inside A Frame"

The Canadian punk band Fucked Up are tired of all the chaotic mosh dancing that happens at their (super intense and incredibly awesome) concerts. So they've made a video to teach their fans some more synchronized moves. From West Side Story to "I'm Bad" to Battle of the Year (in theaters next month, starring the guy from Lost who tried to be like Don Johnson and—oh, Jesus, yuck!—Chris Brown) it's always funny to watch dancers scowl and act tough. Everybody knows tough guys don't dance. Still, this works. Maybe just because it's so weird.


Jogging With The New F***ed Up Album

I was jogging by the East River this morning, listening to David Comes to Life, the new album by the Toronto rock band called Fucked Up, marveling at how awesome it is, how the drumming is like a stampede of wild horses, and how well the band's guitarists (there are three of them, like Molly Hatchet) hone and manipulate these giant waves of feedback and distortion, thinking that the sound reminds me more of Husker Du than anything I've heard since Husker Du, and that, if these guys had come out when I was in college, I would have probably wanted to tattoo some sort of sworn allegiance to [...]


F***ed Up, "Turn The Season"

If yesterday proved one thing, it was that some people enjoy the music of both Swedish pop star Robyn and Canadian punk rockers Fucked Up, while other people only enjoy Fucked Up and not Robyn. For the latter type of person, here is a very excellent new video from Fucked Up, premiered by Spin magazine, who have chosen the band's David Comes to Life album as the no. 1 album of 2011. In the video, the Fucked Up gang pose for a photo shoot in a dimly lit room where ballerinas are practicing ballet moves, presumably for an upcoming Kanye West video. We get a meta glimpse [...]


Porcelain Black, "This Is What Rock n' Roll Looks Like"

Dear aliens arriving for the first time from outer space, or caveman, unthawed and revived after being frozen in a glacier for 30,000 years, please disregard the label at the top of the new video from recent Cash Money Records signee, Porcelain Black. This is not what rock n' roll actually looks like. Or sounds like. For that, please reference the new song from Toronto's Fucked Up. From their forthcoming rock opera (!?), David Comes to Life, which is due in June. It's the bomb.