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Bodega Bamz (feat. French Montana), "Don Francisco" Remix

This is actually a rather pleasant diversion for an afternoon such as this one and I am fairly confident that you will find it as appealing as I have, so please do make sure to give yourself some time to enjoy it. [Via]


Vado Featuring Rick Ross & French Montana, "Look Me In My Eyes"

Is it just me or does it seem like Rick Ross is always going out of his way to let you know just how well he's doing? I bet this is what getting a Christmas letter from Donald Trump feels like, but all the time. Anyway, this one isn't going to change lives or influence future generations but it is perfectly acceptable for a chilly Monday in February which, coincidentally, is exactly where we are right now. Enjoy.


French Montana, "Gifted"

I don't know why French Montana calls himself that but I like to think it is some kind of deviant sexual practice with which I am unfamiliar. Like, "he got a French Montana and now every time he's with someone new the only thing he wants from them is a French Montana. He is a French Montana addict." I'm sure there's a much more mundane explanation, but I prefer to live in a world where it signifies some sort of deep degradation or depravity. Anyway, here he is with The Weeknd dude, who is everywhere these days. [Via]