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Writing In Public

Hamilton Nolan's stern post on Gawker, "Twitter is Public," spoke the thoughts of many a journalist yesterday. Those who write for a living (and are therefore themselves occasionally trussed, spit and taken for a spin on the rotisserie of public opinion) can't help but goggle in disbelief that the concept of "public" can be misunderstood. Journalists think about this all the time because the right to report and publicize has often been under attack, such as when the police try to stop someone recording or filming in the street, or when a celebrity or politician objects to the publication of public information, or when [...]


Go, Escaped Crocodiles, Go!

"Many of the crocodiles have been recaptured, but more than half are still on the loose." —Some 15,000 crocodiles escaped a crocodile farm in South Africa after the human owner opened the gates last weekend to prevent a storm surge during heavy rains. That's a lot of crocodiles! These lovable creatures have been unfairly besmirched by their association with horrible footwear in recent years, and also by two guys from San Diego who write some nice songs but are far too derivative of Glasgow's forever awesomer and underrated Jesus and Mary Chain.


Rumors Say At Least One Nobel Peace Prize Winner Might Be Freed Today

Everyone thinks that Aung San Suu Kyi will be released from her long-time confinement. But no one knows why they think that—and this in a country largely without a free Internet. One politico does claim that sources tell him she'll be freed. So this sort of communication happens natively to people in general, not just in over-teched societies. Also, Jeff Goldblum is still alive.


Rand Paul Has Something To Say To Today's African-American Kids

"And here I am today at Howard, a historically black college. Here I am, a guy who once presumed to discuss a section of the Civil Rights Act. Some have said that I’m either brave or crazy to be here today. I’ve never been one to watch the world go by without participating. I wake up each day hoping to make a difference. I take to heart the words of Toni Morrison of Howard University, who wrote: 'If there is a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.'" —If you've been waiting for the sketch comedy bit where Rand Paul [...]


These Turkeys Are Going To the Beach For Thanksgiving

Not all turkeys will be overcooked and mostly ignored in favor of the tasty stuffing and wine this Thanksgiving. These birds live wild and free in Morro Bay, California—the feral turkeys hang around the golf course for a few hours, and then head down the stairs to the beach.


'Wired': Money Wants To Be Free!

This seems to be the March cover of Wired. That coverline is: "MONEY wants to be FREE"! So listen. No, it doesn't. That's the last thing money wants. In fact, as money moves closer towards free, it loses value. Money hates to lose value. Money's life goals include: 1. Not losing value and 2. Gaining value. Anyway, maybe this is a joke mock-up cover they made for some free Wired party, where all the food was free, and no one had a salary, because their work was free. But if it does arrive in people's mailboxes (for free), they're gonna have some serious explaining to do, which they [...]


TSA Airport-Grope Playset Teaches Little Ones About Freedom

There are those who say that leaving ironic product reviews on Amazon is proof that we have ultimately failed in our haphazard pursuit of a higher purpose, but those people would be wrong. What was Jonathan Swift's famous op-ed about eating dead Irish babies if not a proto-Amazon review done in irony? Is the Book of Revelation anything more than a parody of Roman imperial politics and luxury obsession? Anyway, here's a Playmobil playset that Amazon doesn't even sell, and the Freedom Writers are leaving some very biting fake reviews that are probably really more about their unhappiness with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.


Everything Is Free Now

"If Hollywood had a bad summer at the Box Office, I think we can all agree that was because Green Lantern sucked, not that 'David After Dentist' was so good on YouTube that we all stayed home." —What happens when all books are free, as they are at Baltimore's The Book Thing?


Welcome Back, Squeaky!

Lynette Fromme is getting out of prison in the next few days! (She produced an unloaded gun and pulled the trigger while pointing it in the vicinity of a U.S. President, before you were born.) We have so much to teach her about life here on the outside about the last 30 years. Man, she is going to crap her pants when she sees an iPhone. (Or, you know, a sandwich that isn't bologna.)