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A Really Good Reason to Buy "The Metamorphosis" Other Than It Being "The Metamorphosis"

"I woke up one morning recently to discover I was a seventy-year-old man…." —David Cronenberg's intro to a new translation of The Metamorphosis.

Be sure to leave this book around everywhere/wave it at people/flaunt it on the subway because A. this cover is amazing and B. everyone will think that you think you're really smart. And, if you get bored, you can read it! It’s good! Also, David Cronenberg!


Happy Birthday Franz Kafka!

As we head into the holiday weekend, let's take a brief moment to remember Franz Kafka, the Bohemian writer whose dystopian chronicles of an all-powerful state where the hopeless are unfairly persecuted for crimes of which they are accused but never quite made aware served as a blueprint for the Bush administration's terrorist detention programs. Author of, among others, The Trial, The Castle and The Metamorphosis, Kafka's bleak vision of life as an unwinnable existential struggle against unidentified forces has resulted in his name being turned into an adjective, used to describe situations similar to those in his work. He was also really into porn. He was born on [...]


Kanye West, Hunger Artist

Kanye West has spent the weeks leading up to the release of "Yeezus" demanding the world consider and respond to his new material and also insisting he doesn't care what any of us thinks of it. We might be surprised by this seemingly paradoxical position, if it wasn't such a familiar stance.

One notable antecedent for this conflict is Franz Kafka, for whom the relationship between artist and audience was a particularly knotty issue—and who memorably explored the relationship in his short story "Ein Hungerkünstler" ("A Hunger Artist"). Although Kafka stipulated that almost his entire body of work be destroyed upon his death, this short story was one of [...]


Franz Kafka Imbroglio Seems Oddly Familiar

Sigh: "Before his death in 1924, Franz Kafka left his papers to Max Brod who rushed them out of Czechoslovakia ahead of the advancing Nazis. Now, the daughter of Brod's late secretary wants to sell them to a German institute. But the legal battle in Israel has become Kafka-esque." Presumably in the same way that Amazon's Kindle deletion of 1984 was Orwellian.