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Fran Lebowitz, Talk Show Host?

A Fran Lebowitz talk show? Oh please, oh please, oh please. [Related]


A Micro-Review of a Movie from Monday

Like all good New Yorkers I adore Fran Lebowitz, but even I was starting to get a little exasperated with all the coverage surrounding Public Speaking, the new Martin Scorsese documentary about the talkative writer. Having actually caught the film last night I now realize I was wrong to be impatient; it's terrific. There were many audible guffaws on my part, and I'm one of those assholes who usually just nods and says, "That's funny." If you're stuck far from the city during the holiday this weekend and need a reminder of what brought you here in the first place, well, hopefully you have access to HBO On Demand. [...]


Angry Woman Funny

If you missed this speech by Fran Lebowitz at the end of last week, I insist you carve thirteen minutes out of your day for it. Trust.


Jane Austen: Popular For The Wrong Reasons

We're probably a little late to this, but it's too good not to share: Fran Lebowitz discusses Jane Austen. [Via]


A Thing With Fran Lebowitz

"I have a real pimp’s taste in cars." —Ladies and gentlemen, the always delightful Fran Lebowitz.


God Bless You, Fran Lebowitz

Last night, delightful character Fran Lebowitz got cornered at Graydon Carter's party, and asked about McKinsey, the consultants who are making recommendations on how to overhaul the Conde Nast Magazine Empire of the Sun. Fran! "Why do you need to hire anyone to tell you what to do? If I owned a magazine and I needed advice, I'd ask myself. I don't understand this. I don't understand what their purpose is." THANK YOU, THIS IS WHAT WE ARE SAYING.