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Man Owned

“I consider Roger Ailes to be one of the most fascinating, consequential figures in contemporary American life. I wrote this book to shed light on the full scope of his talents and power, which have found their fullest expression at Fox News.” Ya burnt.


UFOs Priced Out of Brooklyn and San Francisco: Now Hovering Over Detroit

In the nights before the promised Mayan Apocalypse, mysterious configurations of bright lights hovered over Brooklyn and San Francisco's Mission District. The first commenter here made the reasonable assumption that it was all some kind of viral marketing aimed at overpaid young urbanites.

But the product of such clever, vague and expensive advertising has yet to appear. And the silent, terrifying craft are now being seen over far less desirable urban areas including Detroit, Indianapolis and the Gulf Coast of Florida. What could it mean? Is Detroit poised for a comeback? And why are they also appearing in Poughkeepsie?


Obamacane: Is NBC's Sandy Benefit Really an Obama Commercial?

In just a few hours, most every functioning television screen on the Eastern Seaboard will be showing NBC's new mid-season replacement reality series, Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together. And we aren't the only ones who smell an entire river of dead rats. Fox News, for example, has an interesting take that is mostly "interesting" for its picture of Kanye at the top of the story. (Kanye West isn't scheduled to do the benefit tonight, but he did say something about George W. Bush at another hurricane benefit, seven years ago. And Kanye is also black … much like Obama.)


Fox News Watchers May Be Getting Bad Information

A shocking study on misinformation in the 2010 election has found that "Fox News viewers are the most misinformed of any news consumers." I'll give you all a moment to retrieve your mandibles from the carpet.


Media Upset With Man For Repeatedly Uttering Five Syllable Word

The purpose of the press, writes an excitable James Fallows, "is supposed to be giving reality a better chance." But who the hell wants that? I'd much rather be informed about how many times my president uses a certain word. Turns out it's a lot! [Insert audible frustrated sigh here.]


Who Doesn't Want More Glenn Beck In Their Life?

Fox News star Glenn Beck announced a new partnership with publisher Simon & Schuster today. It's a multi-format deal, including "nonfiction books, original audio books and e-books, as well as titles for children and young adults." Beck will share costs and profits with S&S, meaning he'll keep a lot more money if the books do well. What's on tap for release?


Interface Bad

I can't quite put my finger on it but for some reason this essay, "How 'Minority Report' Trapped Us In A World Of Bad Interfaces," seems timelier than ever. Maybe it's something in the air.


Two Cartoon Interpretations Of Fox News' "The War On Men" Article

There are several puzzling parts in Suzanne Venker's article "The war on men" from this weekend, not least this paragraph: "In a nutshell, the women are angry. They’re also defensive, though often unknowingly. That’s because they’ve been raised to think of men as the enemy. Armed with this new attitude, women pushed men off their pedestal (women had their own pedestal, but feminists convinced them otherwise) and climbed up to take what they were taught to believe was rightfully theirs." Here's a sentence-by-sentence reading of what it all might mean.


What TV Does To Ladies

Awl pal Meghan Keane explains how Fox News turned her into a "TV slut." (Hint: It involves makeup.)


Jake Tapper Will Not Stand for Holocaust Jokes

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Going off twitter. Let me know when the liberals joking about the Holocaust (in response to Ailes' comments) stop. All of it is awful.less than a minute ago via TweetDeckJake Tapperjaketapper

People thought it was funny/crazy when Fox News honcho Roger Ailes said today that NPR executives are "the left wing of Nazism." (Related! Now would be a good time to remind everyone that NPR's federal funding [...]


John Adams: Glenn Beck is "A Pudgy Blond Middle American Mussolini"

It has been brought to our attention that John Adams-yes, the composer-is also a blogger. Well bowl me over. Here is a new post from him about watching Fox News on someone else's screen whilst on Jet Blue! O"Reilly looks like an angry, dyspeptic dad who's not enjoying his Twelve Step regime and relates to his family by insulting them. The facial gestures are pained, ironic…'Can you believe it? How stupid can you get?' Hannity is the thick-necked would-be jock with the close-cropped military haircut. He's a jolly back thumper, a wet towel-snapping NASCAR kind of guy with attitude. He's REASONABLE, for chrissake…. Glenn Beck looks like a four [...]


Bernie Kerik: All Cops Nationwide Agree With Teabagging!

This video is hysterical. Illegal immigrant nanny-hirer, indicted liar-to-the-IRS and former New York City top cop Bernie Kerik went on Fox News' Red Eye last night and talked about how awesome the teabagger anti-tax protests were. I can't even tell if host Greg Gutfeld is pranking him or being serious or what, but you can tell he is dying inside. The best part is when Kerik says, "I would say there aren't many cops in the New York City police department, or police officers anywhere in this country, that don't agree with the people that were out there."


Fox News Replaces Idiot With Another Idiot

When Fox News got rid of Sarah Palin by offering her a very tiny contract renewal, people who follow these things said, "Oh, Fox News has been forced to scale back the crazy a little bit, because the old white lunatics are quickly dying off and America's population now consists solely of multi-ethnic transgender metrosexuals." But these people were wrong, because Fox News just hired Herman Cain as a paid on-air personality.

Herman Cain was the 2012 GOP presidential frontrunner at some point—everybody was a GOP frontrunner at some point, except for Sarah Palin. Imagine being such a washed-up dingbat that you couldn't even compete with the likes [...]


Party Rocker Andrew W.K. Says He's the New U.S. Cultural Ambassador To the Middle East

Andrew W.K. is (maybe) a party rocker and motivational speaker. He is also, by his own unreliable admission, an actor who plays "Andrew W.K.," which is a creation of a shadowy group of entertainment industry lawyers and mind-control experts. He may or may not be "Steev Mike" or "Dave Grohl." Also, he/it is mostly known for a single ridiculous orc-lite 2001 punk-pop anthem called "Party Hard" and a live-action show about exploding things, with children, on the Cartoon Network. (Late-night masochists will also know him from frequent appearances on the alternate-universe Fox News program "Red Eye.")

Whether he's a self-created troll or something entirely more [...]


The New GOP in Disarray: They're Trying to Kill Their Own Evangelical Gravy Train

Yesterday, we looked at how taxpayer-funded USAID has been supporting evangelical organizations in Haiti, in direct violation of executive orders by both George W. Bush and Barack Obama regarding federal grants to faith-based organizations. We noted in particular how Franklin Graham—Billy Graham's son—uses federal aid to increase his personal profile and influence and, using USAID-funded Haiti clinics as scenic background for Fox News specials, has secured Sarah Palin's enthusiastic, fervent endorsement, no doubt in return for election support come 2012.

Now, proving that the left hand of the politically-active religious right doesn't know what the right hand is doing, over 160 Republicans in the House have endorsed defunding [...]


Is There Anyone Your Supplicant President Will Not Prostrate Himself Before?

Fox News wonders if President Obama BOWED BEFORE the mayor of Tampa, FL. I am also wondering something: Do I laugh or cry? I'm leaning toward laugh, but when you think of the sheer pile of toxic bullshit built piece by piece on tiny mounds of crap like this, I can see the case for the other alternative.


Fox News: Fair, Balanced, and Super-Classy

Currently at Fox News: "YOU DECIDE: Does the baby in the photograph look like John Edwards? Share your thoughts. Click on 'Leave a Comment' below."


Fox News has always been fair and balanced.

Do you remember the time before Fox News Channel existed? No? Neither does Neil Cavuto.