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FKA Twigs, "Stay With Me"

A cover of Sam Smith's unavoidable summer moan that alternates gracefully between entrancing and viscerally upsetting. It's a total aesthetic dismantling (and kind of a huge improvement!).


FKA twigs, "Hide"

Remember this? The only negative answer I will accept must be based around the concept of your not having seen it in the first place, because otherwise how could you not remember it, it was one of the most amazing things of the last year. In fact, go watch it again, then come back here and watch this. [Via]


FKA Twigs, "Pendulum"

The aesthetic incongruity of each new FKA Twigs song is starting to wear off, and all the styles are starting to settle together; if you were trying to make some kind of point, you could probably get away with saying she makes industrial music.


FKA twigs, "Water Me"

It's not every day you come across something you've never heard of and are intrigued enough to give it your full attention. That may or may not be your experience with this video, but it certainly was mine, and frankly I have a little too much on my plate right now to be worry about how things are going for you. Watch this or don't, I can't get much more involved than that at the moment. [Via]