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Format Embraced

"Vertical vs. horizontal is a huge debate in the online community. Due to YouTube aspect ratios, most people believe all videos should be shot with your phone on its side, creating the familiar horizontal image like you’d see in a movie theater. If you shoot the footage vertically and then upload to the web, there are huge black spaces on either side, making the footage look amateurish and small. But there’s a movement embracing the vertical format, and nowhere is it seen better than Rotterdam in the Netherlands. There, a group of filmmakers have started the Vertical Cinema project – a traveling [...]


Who Wants to Buy Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" with Me?

Who will buy and distribute Joss Whedon's low-budget Much Ado About Nothing, starring Wesley, Topher, Angel, Chrissy Seaver, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Agent Phil Coulson, Detective Mike Kellerman and MORE? It played at the Toronto Film Festival and was described as "UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL." In my role as do-gooding patron of the arts, I will absolutely pay to distribute this movie! Particularly if someone chips in to pay for the other 99.2%.