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Smoked Chicken

"A Staten Island woman was arrested for running over one of her neighbor's hens with her car, kicking the dead bird and stuffing a cigarette in its mouth for a series of pictures, according to court documents."


'Time' v. the 'New Yorker, or 'A Brief History of 'Too Insidery'

"At Fortune, [former New Yorker managing editor Ralph] Ingersoll developed what came to be called the 'corporation story,' a profile of a company.' He had the idea of writing about The New Yorker…. published, anonymously, in August, 1934. It was 'The Making of a Magazine' told straight, which made The New Yorker look exactly the way Ross didn't want it to look. It also violated Ross's creed: 'I do not want any member of the staff to be conscious of the advertising or business problems of The New Yorker. If so, they will lose their spontaneity and verve and we will be just like all other magazines.' Ingersoll's story, which [...]


Shade Dispensed

Strictly from a semantic standpoint I would question the use of both "urgent" and "news" here but otherwise there is much to be enjoyed here.


TechCrunch: Journalists Or Startup Shills? You Decide

In late July, we ran a piece looking at a website called Elite Daily. Around the office, we'd been calling the story "Who Is Eddie Cuffin?" That's because one thing that had captivated our attention was the bylines of Elite Daily's writers, which, the more we looked, turned out not to be real people. So Eddie Cuffin is not "the most interesting man in the office," as per his Elite Daily bio, because he does not exist.

The more we looked, the more we disliked the site. We talked about this in the piece, and that whole fake writer thing, and that the site itself glamorized a grotesque version [...]