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Good News, There Is No Big Socialist Government, Or Else It Would Be Eagerly Helping Cold Hungry People in New York City, Instead of Ignoring Them

The National Guard is dropping off food and water in the Rockaways at least, if you know where to look. (Some folks there didn't even know that for days.) Come on, people. (via)


Obama's Not Going To Like This New Orleans Story Much Either

It's not on front pages in New York City-here we get a story about how Chuck Schumer has stuffed Kirsten Gillibrand under his big meaty turkey wings, and why wouldn't he?-but in the National edition of the New York Times, there's a front-page headline that stopped me in my morning routine. "Ready or Not, Katrina Victims Are Losing Temporary Housing." Here, maybe you should try a little bit of this instead of coffee.