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Fats Domino Is 85

The legendary Antoine "Fats" Domino turns 85 today and I don't even know where to start. The man is so influential that his influence is almost invisible, woven as it is into the fabric of almost all popular music. Do yourself a favor and pick up something like this; it is music that will make you smile, and, really, what else in your life is there right now that makes you smile? Nothing. There are a couple more tracks below, although the paucity of performance videos available on YouTube is a bit disappointing.


White Artists and Black Music: Randy Wood, 1917-2011

Dot Records founder Randolph Clay Wood died Saturday at his home in San Diego after a fall. Wood turned a Gallatin, Tennessee radio station into one of the most successful music labels in the world in the 1950s by hiring white singers to record cover versions of songs by black artists. Some people thought this was great, others thought it was not so great. Dot Records made stars out of folks like Gale Storm, The Fontane Sisters, and Pat Boone—to whom Wood suggested changing the words of Fats Domino's "Ain't That a Shame" to "Isn't That a Shame." Which, looking back, would have been perhaps more fitting. Let's compare. [...]