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The End Of The Wunderkind

The word wunderkind was dragged, politely, into usage by that great plodder George Bernard Shaw to note that every age manages to season its offspring with instantaneous genius; Mozart is not a singularity. And for decades after, "wonder child" happily stayed within the safe semantic confines of age and the arts. Which was nice for the rest of us. You couldn’t be a wunderkind, without being a kind; you were not to be wundered at if you couldn’t perform some great musical, or perhaps painterly, feat. Then, in 1972, the New Yorker—channeling the emergence of youth culture the decade before—pushed the watershed and gave the kids some breathing space to [...]


My Men of Journolist: An Empty Inbox and a Broken Heart

I was tempted by Andrew Breitbart's offer of $100 grand for the full archives of Journolist-but I could never sacrifice the deep, sensual, never-ending love that Ezra Klein has given me year after year. The Daily Caller's Mark Judge may not be impressed by my dating choices ("People have made cracks about the whiteness of the list, but the other lack of diversity is the total absence of hotness"). But the heart has reasons that reason knows not, Mark. And come on, you can't NOT look into Chris Hayes' baby blues and swoon.

When Ezra turned out the lights on Journolist, he turned out the lights [...]


How To Not Be Ezra Klein

Remember when I was all, "You know why I won't do press?" and you were like, "Gee, let me guess, because nobody's interested?" and I laughed my insouciant laugh even though your words hurt me very badly and I still hold a potent, furious grudge which most days I am barely able to restrain? You don't? [...]


This Is Probably Paul Ryan's Favorite Rush Song

Okay, Paul Ryan. Ryan Lizza's recent New Yorker profile highlighted a disturbing Ayn Rand devotion (minus the atheism of course). Meanwhile, the gawky Wisconsin wonk says he has the Dead, Zeppelin, Metallica and "a lot of grunge" on his iPod. (Is he reminding anyone else of Timothy Simons on HBO's "Veep"?) It's safe to assume that "Anthem" is his jam from Rush. Anyway, here's to him costing Romney Florida.