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Try To Sneeze Without Closing Your Eyes. Hahaha J/K Don't, You'll Die.

Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze? Fuck if I know. This isn't much help either. If you ever figure it out, drop me a line.


You CAN Hide Your Lying Eyes

Apparently your eyes are not unlike Shakira's hips.


Dakota Fanning's Eyes Have Seen Many Things

Man, I am so the embarrassed emoticon in the face right now because this Dakota Fanning Teen Vogue shoot makes me feel spectacularly gonzo in the crotch. I KNOOOOOW. I'm SORRY but I CAN'T HELP IT because I don't think it even matters if you're a dirty old man or not because her freakshow precocious eyes accuse you of thinking things and then forgives you and the whole thing makes me feel filthy.


Science Finally Solves Riddle of Putting Eyeball On Tadpole's Tail

"If someone shouts 'look behind you,' tadpoles in Michael Levin’s laboratory may be ready. The tadpoles can see out of eyes growing from their tails, even though the organs aren’t directly wired to the animals’ brains." —If a scientist offers to put an eye in your butt, and you're a tadpole, then it's probably legit.

Photo by D. Blackiston and M. Levin/Tufts University.


Blue Eyes: Not Just For Good-Looking People Anymore

Would you like to change your eye color from dreary brown to sexy blue? Now you can! (Warning: Article has a couple of close-up pictures of eyes, which always freaks me out.)


The "Angry Black Man" Meme, 2009 Edition

See, I would have gone with "That colored guy looked at me funny!" I guess that's why Matt's still the king.


Body Part Unusual, Eye-y

"It’s not that body parts never wash ashore on Florida beaches. But usually it’s not an eye the size of a softball." Oh, sure, there's a photo.


Computer Chips Bringing Eyesight To The Blind

"The surgery wasn’t easy. The chip sits at the end of a long steel tube, which had to be threaded through a hole behind the ear. After that, the surgeons had to remove a lot of the vitreous jelly in the front of the eye to work on the deeper layers, and they had to detach a small part of the retina to guide the chip into place." —That's funny. I would have thought that inserting a millimeters-wide computer chip affixed with 1,500 diodes that convert light to an electric current into someone's eye would be easy. And then you just hook-up the diodes directly to the person's bipolar [...]