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The Crucial Context of the Ebola Epidemic

If the supercontinent Pangaea spontaneously reunited, the US would border the Ebola epidemic:

— Vox (@voxdotcom) August 5, 2014

Some other interesting conclusions I can draw from this map:

— Indian food in Antarctica — Easier to drive places — We would need new globes — Next weekend I could be like, "hey wanna take the train to the desert" and everyone would be like, "I don't think the C is running today" — There would probably be a news story that says, "If the supercontinent Pangaea spontaneously broke apart, the US would no longer border the Ebola epidemic"

Really makes you [...]


How Content Works

"HowStuffWorks is widely recognized as the leading source for clear, reliable explanations of how everything around us actually works. Through the flagship Web site, a popular series of books, an acclaimed kids' magazine, as well as many other ventures, the award-winning company has helped explain the world for millions of curious people." —This was the way HowStuffWorks described itself in 2005, two years before it was sold to Discovery for $250 million (apologies: this is how). Today, the site was sold to the same gray-web concern that operates Infospace for a fifth of that price, to [...]