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Is the World's Most Miraculous Car a Ho-Hum Hybrid Prius?

Carrie: So Ken, I understand that you recently purchased a Prius and are pleased with your purchase! And I bought one several years ago, and am likewise very happy with it. So my first question would be: What do you think the plural of Prius is: Prius-us? Pri-i?

Ken: Well, did you know that Toyota asked Prius owners to vote for the plural form of Prius, because the actual Latin plural (priora) was already taken by a crappy Lada? I just read this on Wikipedia, so I am pretty much an "automotive journalist" now. Anyway, the plural is officially and legally prii.

Carrie: I did not know that! Very [...]


Urban Architects Drool Over Killer Green Hydro

"When people ask me why the world still does not have a single vertical farm, I just raise my eyebrows and shrug my shoulders." I can't think of what's wrong with the ideas Dickson D. Despommier writes about in his New York Times op-ed either. (I definitely can't think of anything wrong with his name. It's like a character from a porn Three Musketeers-which does, of course, exist.) So now, sites like Weburbanist and Trendhunter offer cool round-ups of design proposals that let us see what urban vertical farms-"skyfarms" is a sexier name-could look like.