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Intoxication Doubted

“The last time I saw that kind of energy was Keith Haring or Jean-Michel. It was so intense. I don’t even think he was on drugs.”


Texas Oil Firms are the New Meddlin' Mormons

Remember how an out-of-state non-profit entity (one with some California members, to be sure, but still) bankrolled a political movement against gay marriage in California? Well now the great corporations of Texas are going to try to bankroll a state proposition to repeal a California state law. The oil companies' talking points are that curbing emissions and the like reduce the number of jobs, and make it hard to do business, and so their outfit is called the California Jobs Initiative. Are you against jobs? Are you against people earning money? Fortunately, the people who oppose the Texas oil firms are calling themselves Californians for Clean Energy & Jobs. [...]


Obama Hires Hiking Store Lady (Oil Executive/Corporate Banker) As Interior Secretary

President Obama has been in a little bit of trouble lately for not having enough women and minorities in his cabinet. It's too bad he doesn't just point to himself and say, "Did you notice I'm a minority? Presidents used to own people who looked like me, until very recently, in geologic time." But instead, Obama is diligently trying to find women and minorities in their various habitats, such as corporate boardrooms.

Sally Jewell, a former oil company official and corporate banker, seems like the perfect candidate to protect our public lands from the greed and destruction of oil companies and Wall Street. But her business experience is not [...]


Something Is Always Leaking Somewhere

"Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Explorer Pipeline had a 'small leak' of diesel from a tank line at its Fauna petroleum products terminal in Houston on Monday, a company spokesman said on Tuesday." But there's no need to worry: "Smallscale fuel or crude leaks are not uncommon at fuel terminals." Pretty soon everyone in this country is going to be able to see a giant, blazing fireball explode just feet away from them and not even blink an eyelid.