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Did You Still Not Vote Yet? Here Is One Good Reason Why: Paul Ryan

Everyone's going to say the same thing, you're going to hear it all day, sorry to be so boring. Oh, do please go vote.

Now, if you are Canadian, or a felon, or both, which is pretty likely with YOU PEOPLE, I am very sorry. How annoying, I am sure. Or perhaps you messed up your voter registration and you are cowering in shame in your hovel. That is legitimate.

As for the rest of you… do you know how to vote? It's not hard. Here's a handy step-by-step guide.

But I would very much like you to vote. I have heard the arguments about being "implicated" in [...]


Buy It, Okay? 60 Pages of Prime Magazine for Just $11

Among the other reasons to purchase Longshot magazine-the 60-page magazine created, written, designed and edited over the course of last weekend!-is that among the nearly 60 contributors is one Alexandra Paul (AKA Lt. Stephanie Holden of Baywatch fame). Also for nerds like myself, there is a short and elegant piece by Nick Sylvester, in which he (for what I believe is the first time) addresses a semi-long-ago dust-up of conflicting values, which ended in him being tossed out of Pitchfork and the Village Voice. The main reason to purchase it is to support weird media projects, of course! Alternately, you could just get it [...]