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Motive Questioned

"Is HBO Submitting 'True Detective' as a Drama Series at the Emmys to Teach Netflix a Lesson?"


Emmys Stunner! "Revenge" Gets Shut Out!

They announced the Emmy nominations this morning and the nation's best television show, "Revenge," was not named once. (Other good things happened! Like the hottie who plays John Watson in the new "Sherlock" got nominated! And Lady Mary! And lots of "Girls"! And some usual suspects. (Oh, Alec Baldwin.) And "Downton Abbey" got a Best Hairstyling nod, which, appropriate! But how can liberal Hollywood spurn "Revenge"??? And how on earth did HBO get "Hemingway and Gellhorn" nominated repeatedly? GELLHOOORRNNNN!


The Emmys: The Great Lead Actress in a Miniseries Mystery

Which one of these things is not like the other?

Emmy Nominations for Lead Actress in a Miniseries Maggie Smith Joan Allen Dame Judi Dench Hope Davis Claire Danes


Emmy Rage! Best TV Actress Snubbed! Los Angeles Must Burn!

The Emmy nominations for "Best Actressing On The TV" are in this morning, and, ugh:

Connie Britton, “Nashville”

Claire Danes, “Homeland”

Michelle Dockery, “Downton Abbey”

Vera Farmiga, “Bates Motel”

Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men”

Kerry Washington, “Scandal”

Robin Wright, “House of Cards.”

We all know who's missing: Tatiana Maslany, the genius of "Orphan Black." Fortunately most "Orphan Black" enthusiasts—and Tatiana herself!—are gathered in San Diego for that nerd convention called Comic-Con. So they can march together on Los Angeles, AND REDUCE IT TO RUBBLE.


Wait, There's a Show About "Matt LeBlanc"?

The Emmy noms came out and there are literally nominations for shows I've never heard of. Lisa Kudrow must be so pissed about "Episodes," which is about Brits exporting their TV show to America and being forced to cast Matt LeBlanc, who plays himself. Couldn't we just solve TV by bringing back "The Comeback"?

Anyway, just like every year, there's a Supporting Actress (Drama) crisis on hand. Michelle Forbes v. Christina Hendricks v. Kelly Macdonald??? And, in lead actress: PEGGY OLSON v. TAMI TAYLOR??? How is that a choice that can be made? Similarly, for the men: Coach Taylor v. Don Draper? Also, as usual, [...]


Emmys Kick Dirt On The Television Theme Song's Grave

Thanks to TV networks doing away with their shows' opening-credit theme songs in order to cram in as many ads as possible, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences today announced that the Emmys would be retiring the award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music, effective next year. The award was won last year by John Williams' new theme to Great Performances and has somehow not even nominated any of Mike Post's contributions to the Law & Order franchise during the award's 21-year existence. The award is being replaced by something honoring "music composition for a non-fiction program," which will most likely result in a lot more awkwardly [...]


It Is Better To Deliver The Line, "He's Right Behind Me, Isn't He?" Than To Write It

"Emmy-winning actors enjoyed 2.7 more years of life than nominees who did not snag the trophy. Emmy-winning screenwriters were, mysteriously, at a 3-year disadvantage."


Somewhat Live Blogging The Emmys

In a surprise turn of events, I'm going to be both watching and live blogging the Emmys which I have almost no interest whatsoever! So get excited for the scintillating commentary to come! There may be guests! There may not be guests! Here goes nothing/something! (The most recent updates will be on top.)


Toby Young Nuzzles Hand That Once Bit And/Or Fed Him

Huh! Toby Young, writing on Gawker-and billed as a "friend" of Gawker. Who thought that day would ever come? The former New York Press columnist and current Top Chef judge filed his Emmys report for the august webzine… which was published on Tuesday afternoon. This tardy report, thoroughly amusing, revealed little. Maybe if Top Chef won an Emmy, he would rush the stage! Maybe if it didn't, he would pull a Kanye! Neither happened. Most amusing: the sidebar of "related posts" on Gawker, in which Young is referred to as "vaguely annoying" and a "professional annoying person." (Disclosure: I can't even remember why I dislike Toby Young! He took [...]